Inter-Juventus correct match, Duties manages without problems-

For the international Duties a difficult challenge: Inter-Juve. At Var the expert Calvarese. Slow start of the game and without jolts that Doveri precisely controls Not even the advantage of Inter changes the course of the match. In the area a lot of caution in contacts; only Bonucci deserves the yellow card for fouling Lautaro in the middle of the pitch. It resumes with the doubling of Inter. Some foul that Doveri punishes with yellow to Young, Morata and Barella.

Reassuring performance of the young referees that the designator Rizzoli assigned in several matches of the day. Halfway through the championship, with challenging matches, some of them begin to show continuity of performance and uniform technical decisions. In particular, it is necessary to maintain a strict address on sliding interventions that can end with dangerous high fouls. Intervention that provides for direct expulsion. Banti did well (at Var) in correcting Fabbri who had opted for yellow for the foul of Vignali from La Spezia. Even in conceded penalties, with decreasing hand fouls, the referees’ decisions were accepted by the players.

January 17, 2021 (change January 17, 2021 | 23:02)


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