“Involving pharmaceutical companies in Italy in the production of the vaccine” – Corriere.it

Is there a vaccination plan? A vaccination plan requires everyone to know when and where they will be vaccinated. This is not there. This was underlined by the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, to In mezz’ora on Rai3. According to Bonomi, the distribution of the vaccine is not working in terms of logistics: In other countries they use large structures such as stadiums to vaccinate, while in Italy tenders for “primroses” are still being made. The president of Confindustria has proposed using the network of 16,000 pharmacies to speed up vaccinations. As for vaccinations in factories, we have given our availability but we are still awaiting an answer, says Bonomi. Vaccinations also deal with upstream problems, on the vaccine production front. On this Bonomi pointed out a way: the use of production plants of private companies in Italy to accelerate the availability of the vials.

Serious and competent government, Gualtieri remains with the Economy

As for the government, Bonomi spoke of the need for a serious, authoritative and competent government. No names compared to potential premieres. On the other hand, the president of Confindustria expressed himself regarding the Ministry of Economy: Gualtieri should remain. I believe that some people in the government must be kept, I refer to the Minister of Economy – said Bonomi -. We cannot afford changes in the race, stability is needed, he added, explaining that his judgment on Roberto Gualtieri was based on method and merit. Let us remember that what we bring home with the Recovery is thanks to him. With Gualtieri, Bonomi emphasized, we did not agree on many topics, it is part of the dialectic of a country. We try to convince him of the goodness of our ideas, he has always listened, he has shown an ability to understand the issues, many times he has not gone in the direction we hoped for, but this does not mean that he is not a reserve of the Republic.

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Stop layoffs: s to the extension in distressed sectors

According to Bonomi, the freeze on layoffs can be extended beyond March 31 in sectors closed by the government but also in those in serious suffering.

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