Italy at the European Championships 2021: who do the Azzurri look like? Barella-Tardelli, Insigne-Cassano, Immobile-Pulici

June 10, 2021 – 7:25 am

With the help of Bergomi, Di Gennaro and Serena we looked for the similarities of the blues between past and present. With only one rule: leave the giants that no longer exist (from Facchetti to Paolo Rossi) in the pantheon. With some combinations that will make the fans discuss, such as Bonucci-Franco Baresi

of Alessandro Bocci and Paolo Tomaselli, sent to Florence

Italy is back, five years later. An eternity for football. A generational leap that hasn’t been seen for sixty years. How we have shrunk, skipping the 2018 World Cup, which is well known. How we were when we were kings, not everyone remembers it. What we will become, nobody knows yet. The expectations are high, the enthusiasm too, because this is an Italy to (re) discover. And to do this, you can also use an old pastime like sport: the game of couples, of similarities, of analogies. An upside game, of course. If not, what good would it be. With a single rule, that of leaving the giants that no longer exist – from Facchetti to Paolo Rossi, from Anastasi to Scirea – in the blue pantheon. Even if they remain a source of inspiration to never forget.

A game

June 10, 2021 | 07:25


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