Gregorio Paltrinieri wins the silver medal and Domenico Acerenza the bronze medal in the 5 km cross-country race at the Japan Swimming World Championships.

Gold goes to reigning German champion Florian Wellbrock, who repeats the 10K title. Fourth compatriot Oliver Klemet. The other protagonists of the night before, including the Hungarian Kristof Rasovszky, seventh.

The Fukuoka Sea didn’t give him the Olympic pass, but there’s still plenty of time and scope to get him from here to Paris. But Gregorio Paltrinieri swings his arms and legs again in the open water at Momochi Beach and takes the silver medal of the World Championships: a medal that revives the national Greg after missing the podium in the double distance (the Olympic one) and portrays him as a protagonist too for the other competitions that also await him in the pool at this World Championship.

Domenico Acerenza’s third place made the shortest cross-country race even richer for Italy. Only the reigning German Olympic champion Florian Wellbrock is better than the two Azzurri. He starts and is in the lead after three laps in 53:58 minutes.

At 2.5 km, all opponents gave way except for the Blues, who stayed in his wake until the end. Paltrinieri touched in 54’02″5, Acerenza in 54’04″2.

“I’m very happy because I didn’t think I would take part in this race – emphasizes the reigning European champion, confirming the silver medal from Lupa Lake -. I had hoped to stick with the best; I was better in the water than last time and regretted the 10K result. I have the impression that in order to get charms I need a disappointment. So the fuse lights up. I get angry, I take it personally. So I won this medal with determination and determination and I’m happy about it. The tactic was to get Wellbrock on his feet, who seems to be the strongest of them all at the moment. That second place is a certainty and stems from my desire to always win regardless of my health or fitness. It’s a nice medal because I didn’t have high expectations.”.

28-year-old Acerenza from Potenza celebrates on the podiumafter fourth place last year and the 10K: “We are two warriors, we never give up and we have proven it. In the end we even tried, but Wellbrock turned out to be the strongest. After a race where we helped each other it was nice to challenge Greg; he passed, but the most important thing.” The thing is, we both won a medal. Unfortunately, on the Olympic distance, I lacked a bit of the clarity that I had today. I felt really good. Does Greg need a hit before he lights up? Well, I give it to him in training”he says smiling.

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Fabrizio Antonelli, coach of Gregorio Paltrinieri

Satisfied the coach and coach of the Azzurri Fabrizio Antonelli: “There are emotions for these medals. After the ten kilometers we talked for a long time; we knew that both had given everything without getting the desired result, but we had also realized that the podium was a possible goal. There can’t be a qualification for Paris.” , it shouldn’t be a problem either. It will be taken later. So focus on the other races. Well, the 5K was the culmination of the work done and a testament to the strength of the team. Gregorio and Domenico were intelligent, clever, clever and persistent”.

Two medals that give confidence, waiting for the pool and always looking ahead to next year’s games

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