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Former Brenda from “Beverly Hills 90210” gave an update on her health at the presentation of a new movie

The American actress Shannen Doherty she went back to talking about the breast cancer she has been fighting for a few years now, explaining that she considers it “a part of life at this point”. The former Brenda of “Beverly Hills 90210” has stage four cancer: the first diagnosis was made in 2015, then, after treatment, the cancer had gone into remission, but last year the actress revealed that the disease it came back. Doherty, 50 years, she has repeatedly made herself heard via social media to tell her battle and in this case she did it publicly during the presentation of the film “List of a Lifetime», Centered precisely on the story of a woman with cancer, in an attempt to normalize perception that people have of those living with stage four cancer.

“I feel I have one responsibility in my public life, which I separate from my life as an actress, to talk about cancer and maybe educate people, letting them know that those with stage four cancer are very alive and very active – he told reporters -. My husband claims you would never say I have cancer. I never complain. I’m not actually talking about it. It’s part of life at this point. ” Doherty, married to photographer Kurt Iswarienko since 2011, also said that “List of a Lifetime” is her first work as an actress that has to do with cancer: in the film the protagonist, after being diagnosed, gets back in touch with their daughter given up for adoption decades earlier and the two draw up a list of important things to do.

On this point, Shannon does not feel akin to the character: “I think a list in my situation would be strange because it would more or less mean ticking off things to do before my time is up. But I just feel like it’s not there no wish list because I will be the person with cancer who will live the longest. But if I had to say just one thing on my list, it would be simply live. That’s all I want at this point. ” Sui social, the actress also wrote: “I am so thankful for every single day. I wake up and feel lucky to be here. To resist. To be surrounded by the people I love who continue to enrich my life and thankful for all of you who share your love and your stories with me. “

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