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Malcolm Delaney try to increase his personal collection of successes with the Olimpia shirt. Il 32enne playmaker, who leaves Barcelona in the summer of 2020 to join the cause of the Ax Exchange, will be one of the most anticipated protagonists of the championship playoff number 99 kicks off tonight. The American winger will lead Milan in the title race to win the fourth Scudetto after the successes achieved in France, Ukraine and Germany.

We are where we wanted to be – explains Delaney – at the highlight of this very long season. We have achieved two goals, Supercoppa and Coppa Italia, there are two more. I’m still not 100 percent after knee surgery in March, but I feel ready to give it my all.

Race 1 today will be number 80 of the season: arriving in the final you risk exceeding 90 …
A ridiculous number of races resulting from a crazy calendar: the season too long and without rest, I am thinking of Shavon Shields who ended last year in early July. However, matches every 24 hours will not be a problem: the team has alternatives in all roles, we were built for this.

How do you see the series against Trento?
Trento has good players on the perimeter and is not afraid of anything or anyone. But we have to stay focused on ourselves and think about one game at a time: if we express our potential I don’t think there are opponents capable of beating us in a series.

Euroleague objective: making you proud to have contributed to bringing Milan back to the top of Europe?
I had many opportunities, but Messina’s proposal to be part of a new cycle for a club with a great tradition that had been missing for a long time at the top of Europe proved irresistible. I know many players from Milan who have not succeeded: this is a special place, helping to change its exciting culture.

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How is your relationship with coach Messina?
Excellent: there is great respect, Ettore listens to my opinions. We talk a lot after every game, and the first time in my career that this communication is established: having a coach who takes into account what you think makes it a lot of fun to play. He asked me to be myself, and I tried to support him in the useful things to make the team win, raising the defense and involving my teammates. I try to make the team follow my leadership.

very active on his twitter profile.
I am in a foreign country and I am alone, social networks are the only way to communicate with friends and family. But I never talk about personal matters, for me pure fun: when I come home in the summer I use the account very little.

Can this Olympia open a cycle?
Staying here for another two years, and many comrades have two-year contracts: we want to establish a high standard for Olimpia Milano, through the example and leadership of Ettore Messina. There are great players and great people, which doesn’t always go hand in hand: talent abounds but there is no ego, we like to play together. This is the secret of a winning team.

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