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Actress, singer and dancer passed away at 92 in her Connecticut home after an intense life of success and with five marriages and four divorces behind her

Jane Powell, singer and dancer of the golden age of the American musical, remembered by all in her most famous title, 7 brides for 7 brothers, who died Thursday September 16 at the age of 92 in her Connecticut home after a busy life of success and with five marriages and four divorces behind her. Blue eyes, petite, smiling for marketing orders, but very sweet in her qualities as a star of the show business of the time, she made her debut in the cinema in ’44 and was a prodigy girl of the roaring lion studios, also participating in soap operas and serials, having already had first experience on the radio and in the theater. She will return to Broadway in the second half of her career because her wild card was that Jane had a soprano voice, she was really a singer.

Suzanne Lorraine Burce, the real name

In her first film she was called Jane Powell and this remained her stage name, with which she enrolled in Hollywood Boulevard celebrities at 6818, very different from her real name which was Suzanne Lorraine Burce, born in Portland on April 1st of ’29. Personal accounts in hand, he was one of the few stars of the time still alive, all his friends, from Fred Astaire, with whom he shared the funny stunts of “His Highness Is Married” to Stanley Donen his director reference to Howard Keel, his lumberjack partner, they are gone. She was at the time a rival and friend of Kathryn Grayson, Janet Leigh, Cyd Charisse, Jannette McDonald, Debbie Reynolds, Marge Champion the aquatic Esther Williams but often had the better: in the film with Fred Astaire she was preferred first to June Allyson and then to Judy Garland. He shoots many films including non-immortal ones, “What are women”, Nancy goes to Rio ”and in 49th guest of honor at the inaugural party of the new president Truman.

Milly, gentle and stubborn

But his fame remains linked to the sweet and stubborn character of Milly, the girl who protects the seven brides hostage to the seven rude woodcutter brothers who without bon ton had stolen them in the village, just like in the Rape of the Sabines of which Keel speaks in a some good songs from the ’54 movie. His character was a mixture of obstinacy and tenderness that certainly brought rights to a happy ending but that conquered the world audience and finally did not have to submit only to male power. Many other music films later (Rich, young and beautiful; Everyone on deck; Athena and the 7 sisters) and a record, a 45 rpm, “True love” which remains at the top of the charts for a long time.

Successful musical

At the theater she was obviously queen of the musical, with a handful of famous titles from “South Pacific” to “All together passionately”, from “My fair lady” to “Oklahoma” to “Carousel” and again, again with Howard Keel, in the shot of “7 spose per 7 fratelli” which was also a great success in the theater in Italy. On TV he shared the small screen with the stars of the time, the magic moments of Perry Como and Frank Sinatra, but also Ed Sullivan, Red Skelton, Eddie Fisher (Liz Taylor’s disputed husband), Dinah Shore, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Judy Garland, while in the 80s she was in the cast of “Lady in Yellow”, in “Love boat” and in 2002 appeared in “Law & Order”. The farewell the following year with a musical, “Bounce” by the great Stephen Sondheim, but for an evening, that of December 31, 2007, he returned to his hometown, Portland (Oregon), to be the narrator of “Pierino and the wolf “.

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