Juventus-Napoli, Pirlo and the strange revenge on Agnelli-Allegri contacts. Inter and Conte, a calm wisdom – Corriere.it

Even in the folds of the evening, perhaps something happened: for a long time Osimhen had not seen any hints of football as happened in Turin. As if it were not a day that is nearing the end, but full of beginnings, of different ideas, almost of promises. The practical result that Inter are very close to winning. Needless to say, he has already won, it wouldn’t be true even if he were. It will never be recovered, but at the first draw many will raise their hand and propose a doubt.

Let’s stay with mathematics, which is then life, music, blood sugar: 11 points are four out of nine games left. A real advantage of over forty percent even giving others the right to always win. A distance that no one has ever filled a sea. But there are also partial results, the strange revenge of Pirlo, that bear-like stiffness in his sights that now laughs under his mustache, rebels and slips away. At least it proved that the team has a life of its own, it didn’t stop at Agnelli al Forte’s villa, over a drink with Allegri. Bad message for a coach. A clumsy story, badly told. But Pirlo went further, perhaps his real win of the season. A signature on the weight of distance. Just as it now looms the new calm wisdom of Conte. Now everything comes back, everything becomes an accomplished prediction. To understand, only one last response from Milan is missing. now that grades are given to the seasons.

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