Lance Armstrong, son Luke arrested for alleged sexual assault on a drunk sixteen year old –

More troubles for Lance Armstrong, this time because of his son Luke, who was arrested by the police Austin, in Texas, for an alleged sexual assault against a drunk sixteen year old, which took place in 2018 in the villa of the former cycling champion. According to the allegations contained in an affidavit released by the KXAN television channel (and picked up by the Sun), one evening in June three years ago Armstrong’s then 18-year-old eldest son – who attends Rice University, where he plays football – allegedly abused. of the victim (whose identity was not disclosed) after that the latter had asked him to pick her up at a party in Austin, because he drank too much.

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Francesca Schiavone
The complaint

In the complaint, filed in November last year, the girl said she did not remember the ride in Luke’s pickup truck to the colonial-style Armstrong mansion in the neighborhood of Old Enfield and that when she woke up, she found the boy having sex with her on the sofa, adding that in December of 2020, during a phone call, the same boy had admitted that he had had sexual intercourse with her at his father’s house.

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Unfortunate vintage
The defence

But the very nature of the relationship would be controversial: again according to the sworn statement, in fact, the alleged victim he would tell a friend that June evening the sex had been “consensual”, while four of the six people to whom the girl later told the incident told the police that, crying, she had described the relationship as “non-consensual” and two of them also pointed out that he “still had nightmares” years after the attack. “What happened three years ago in high school was not a crime or sexual violence – explained the boy’s lawyer, Randy Leavitt, on TV -. At the time it was a consensual relationship between two young people, which always continued consensually until they broke up. It wasn’t a one night thing, they had some sort of relationship for a short period of time. These allegations should not have been brought forward and certainly not three years later, but a full examination of the facts will confirm that what was claimed, it’s not actually happened and an adequate trial will exonerate Luke. ‘

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