Larissa Iapichino, Lorenzo Musetti and all the others: the lever of Tuscan talents of the 2000 class

Were born at the turn of the millennium. They represent the new generation that emerges forcefully, the green line that gives emotions on a jumping platform, inside a tennis court, along the track of a velodrome, or in front of a door suspended over the water. In a sporting world where it has become a requirement for consecration, Tuscany presents its talents already capable of snatching Olympic passes, of raising historic trophies, of wearing the jersey of the senior national team. With the exuberance of the young and the authority of the champions. The teenage icon of Italian sport, Larissa Iapichino, Florentine, twin daughter of father Gianni and mother Fiona May, has an impressive maturity for her 18 years, and already an established long jump specialist. After the European under 20 gold he made his triumphal entry into professionalism by landing at the indoor distance of 6.91 meters, a measure with which he set the world junior record, equaled his mother’s blue record and won access to the Games. of Tokyo.

Just in Japan there will be another exponent class 2002 of athletics, the Livorno Ambra Sabatini, Paralympic athlete with an above knee amputation following a car accident, which last February in Dubai ran and won the 100 meters setting the world record of 14 ”59. from Carrara the tennis player who is amazing for his excellent technique and brilliance of the game. Is called Lorenzo Musetti, was the first (and so far only) Italian to win Australian Open juniores, and now at just 19 years old he resides in the elite of the first hundred ATP players, a climb that will continue thanks to the third round reached in the Miami tournament still in progress.

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The Florentine waterpolo tradition has the worthy heir of Elena Gigli from Empoli (who at 19 years and 48 days became the youngest Italian to win an Olympic gold: Athens 2004). Like Gigli too Caterina Banchelli, born in 2000, holds the role of extreme defender for which she was elected best athlete at the 2018 junior world championships. Today Caterina is the goalkeeper of the Florence swimmers and the third goalkeeper of the Setterosa, and aims straight for the conquest of a starting place. In the blue round of volleyball, a Tuscan by adoption, the 19 year old, entered Sarah Fahr, who grew up in the Piombino youth teams and is currently central to Imoco Conegliano with which she has already raised the Italian Super Cup and the Italian Cup to the sky.

Even the national team of rugby he embraced two Tuscan talents from the 2000 class of the oval ball such as the Pisan Gianmarco Lucchesi (Benetton hooker) and the Checinese Federico Mori (three-quarters center of Calvisano), both already making their debut in the Six Nations. And if in the fencing the new one advancing dressed in the jackets of two foil players born in 2001 (the Pisan Filippo Macchi European cadet champion and the two-time European silver under 20 champion from PontederaVittoria Ciampalini), in cycling the 2000 class has already made its debut in professionals Tommaso Nencini from Calenzano, related through grandfather Aldo to the great Gastone, winner of the 1960 Tour de France. Still on the pedals, an increasingly pink future seems to be opening up for two team pursuit specialists: the twenty-year-old Pisan Vittoria Guazzini (continental bronze in Apeldoorn), and the 19 year old Giorgia Catarzi (world champion and European junior champion), originally from Ponte a Ema, the town that gave birth to Gino Bartali. In order to emerge so quickly, in addition to the technical gesture, an important mental component is needed – says Grosseto windsurfing champion Alessandra Sensini, four Olympic podiums and the first absolute world title conquered at the age of 19 – it is true that in recent times the start of sporting practice was anticipated, but equally true that there is a career extension.

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