“Latin America is a journey into the dark side of a man” – Corriere.it

from Stefania Ulivi, sent to Venice

After «Favolacce» for the actor it is the second time under the guidance of the D’Innocenzo brothers

«Massimo Sisti is the antithesis of macho, of the winner, the opposite of the character of
Bad Tales».
Dentist profession, kind ways. Married, two teenage daughters, a life marked by the comings and goings between work, weekly beer with a friend and family life in the villa immersed in the Pontine countryside. Lands of reclamation and mysteries. “He is a decent man, a delicate and sensitive person, who understands that his system of relationships is not as sincere as he thinks. And the discovery of something that is literally underneath, hidden in the basement of his house, when it emerges puts all certainties into question ». For Elio Germano, 40, it is the second time under the guidance of the D’Innocenzo brothers. With
America latina
are in competition in Venice 78. Coproduction The Apartment, Vision and Le Pacte, will be released on November 25th. It is the first time at the exhibition for the twins Fabio and Damiano, awarded at the Berlinale with The land of enough e Bad Tales.

According to the D’Innocenzo it is a journey to the end of a man. What is this film for you?
«An investigation into the dark side, a search, inside the protagonist’s head, of good and evil, or rather of sincerity and facade truths. Even a person who is delicate and in love, respectable can find himself for evil. An investigation into a man who tells us a lot about society as a whole ».

That is to say?
“It speaks of us, in this era in which we are always called to fidelity, to a social role, to a winning model to adhere to. All human relationships, family, couple, work, are crushed in this dynamic. We ask ourselves to be performing, only the numbers count. And the feelings, not being measurable, are useless. It is a society dominated by violence, always the fruit of an unsolved conflict. And where real or imaginary love is the only thing that helps us immerse ourselves in pain. And to save us ».

What does the title “Latin America” ​​mean?
“It is an imaginary place. An antinomy between an ideal America, as we would like to be, winning, and the reality of a place that was a swamp. A formal world of creaking securities. We typically react by annihilating the creaks, instead of looking into the cracks. He does it and opens the hole more and more, he no longer wants to hide and goes into crisis. His is a salvific path, in its darkest and least edifying part of himself, an unusual path for an alpha male. Indeed, a journey of self-analysis ».

The D’Innocentos say of her that, like them, he has resigned himself to being restless. And they argue that cinema should shake, create a storm, never reassure. Do you share?
“I’d like to subscribe to their cinema. We understand each other. They are young people who do not seek personal affirmation but want to use the possibilities of art to investigate the world and do it for the public. It is always nice to work with them ».

His debut as a boy, a career spanning almost fifty films, a lot of auteur cinema but also comedies and television. Don’t you, like some of your colleagues, tempt you to switch to directing?
“No. I like being an interpreter of the will of a director. I find authorship elsewhere, with my rap group the Bestierare, the things I do in the theater, my virtual reality experiments ».

Venezia 78 signals the vitality of our cinema. Agree?
«I see so many talents that are not always recognized. People who do this job not to become famous but for artistic necessity. The more the malaise increases, the more artists increase. Given the times, there will be no shortage ».

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