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Dear Matteo,
for days our opponents have been trying to get the Brothers of Italy and the League to fight. Almost daily now we read in the press reconstructions and articles describing an alleged division between our parties. The object of the dispute lately would be the presidency of Copasir, the Parliamentary Committee for the security of the Republic. They are trying to start the fight between us but they will not succeed. The Copasir presidency is not, in fact, a problem between the FdI and the League but concerns the institutions and respect for the parliamentary dialectic between the majority and the opposition.

As you know, it is the law 124 of 2007 that establishes the equal composition of Copasir e that the president is strictly elected from among the representatives of the opposition. It is a norm of guarantee and control, linked to the specificities of the extremely delicate task entrusted to this body: the connection between Parliament and the information and security system of the Republic, both in its political component (President of the Council and ministers concerned) and in its administrative and operational part (Dis, Aise and Aisi).

In other words, since the aforementioned law has deprived Parliament of its own control task, it is up to Copasir alone to “monitor” the work of the government and services and that is why the presidency cannot be entrusted to a member of the majority who supports the government. And the “D’Alema case” certainly cannot be invoked against this constant application of the law, because the Monti government was an executive composed exclusively of technicians, unlike what happens with Draghi, who has several political ministers to represent the parties. who support it. Not to mention that D’Alema’s confirmation after his resignation came, in the end, with a unanimous agreement of all parties, without any objection. That is, the principle of “no contraddicenteWhich applies exclusively in matters of parliamentary law and only when there are no differences of opinion. As we can see, the scenario underlying the one used as precedent actually had very different assumptions from the current ones. And, therefore, it is in no way applicable to the current context.

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Dear Matteo, Brothers of Italy are defending a rule that protects everyone, whoever they are opposition today but also who will be tomorrow. For us it is by no means a question of seats, as we have amply demonstrated by choosing to remain in the opposition, the only party in the current Parliament. After all, if we had made it a question of seats, and of internal relations to the center-right, then we would have posed the theme of all the guarantee commissions, with the relative presidencies which, as a matter of practice, belong to the opposition anyway. We have not done it and we do not intend to do so, although there are specific practices that would work in our favor. We did not do it because we are only interested in defending the rules necessary for the stability of our system.

The presidents of the Chamber and Senate, while realizing the law, indicate in the policy the only tool to solve the problem. Your role in our coalition is central and this is an opportunity to live up to the prospect of future government by demonstrating respect for norms and institutions. Let’s send the signal together that the center-right continues to be compact and that it does not intend to do any favors to our opponents. I ask you to address this problem within the majority and to help solve it. And if it is not possible to do so, there are other ways to consider: modifying the law allowing the majority to elect the president of Copasir. Or, finally, do what we have hoped you have been doing for weeks: take note of the failure of this government experience and return to the compact opposition. In that case, we would be more than happy to continue supporting Raffaele Volpi as president of Copasir.

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