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To restart the country it is not enough to analyze the sectors and plans in which to invest funds arriving from Europe but it is also necessary to understand “how” and “by whom” they will be spent. To make the administrative machinery more efficient, it is important to strengthen the institutional capacity so that the financing of the Recovery Plan is not wasted.

The report

From the last report “The Regions, an engine to be repaired»Of Fondazione Etica (of which Gregorio Gitti is the president), based on the public rating methodology that evaluates and compares the transparency, integrity and efficiency of the Italian Regions, the focus on the ability to personnel Management. “The possibility has come from Europe to start a hiring plan of enormous significance – explained Paola Caporossi, vice president of Fondazione Etica -. Being able to hire well therefore becomes important. Without having a complete picture of the types of degrees of employees (there are regions that still do not publish the annual accounts) there is the risk that jurists will arrive where computer scientists are needed, or economists where engineers are needed ».

The commonplaces

There are many clichés to dispel: the variable cost does not depend on the geographical area. In fact, it is not the Southern Regions who spend the most, but those with a special statute such as Valle d’Aosta with over 1,800 euros per capita, followed by the two Autonomous Provinces of Bolzano and Trento (respectively with a per capita of 237 and 181 euros) and Friuli Venezia Giulia (155 euros), while Sardinia is the only Region with a Special Statute to contain the cost of personnel below 100 euros per capita.

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On the other hand, the cost of regional public personnel weighs less on citizens by Lombardy with 16 euros per capita, followed by the Venetians, with 26 euros, while in the South the region that spends less is Puglia, which ranks in the fourth place in the ranking. “But it must be emphasized, however, that a performing Region is not necessarily the one that spends less on staff,” added Caporossi.

The consultations

Another commonplace to dispel concerns consultancy: «it is not true that the Regions spend a lot on consultancy. Their average cost in relation to total personnel expenditure is 0,6%. It should also be emphasized that spending on consultancy is not always a waste of public money. Especially in recent years with the hiring block it is one smart move if done honestly, especially for high specializations aimed only at a certain period ».

I premi

Another aspect worthy of attention concerns the” obligation to publish the data relating to the assignment of performance bonuses (allocated and actually distributed during the year), an obligation not met for eight Regions. Among the remaining thirteen Regions, only for three the percentage of premiums paid in paychecks stops below 90% of the allocated amounts.

This means that rewards that should be given as an incentive to merit are often used as additional remuneration only formally conditional on the achievement of the objectives set for the year. There is no selection criterion in distribution, which is necessary to reward those who work well and encourage “the smart guys” to do more.

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