Lottery of receipts, as for the cashback towards the farewell from July –

The government would also like to eliminate the receipt lottery starting from July, as he wants to do for cashback, and this for the same reason: to save money and allocate economic resources to other measures. So it turns out to Corriere della Sera. The lottery went into effect from January of this year (read here how it works). Compared to the Cashback, it is much easier to participate. There is no need for registration, just type your tax code on the Portal to obtain an alphanumeric code online (also in the form of a bar code).

Lottery and cashback, how much they cost

But what are these measures that were introduced by the Conte Bis government on the proposal of the M5S in order to encourage electronic payments to combat tax evasion? Cashback costs approx 1.75 billion for the half year, while the receipt lottery is worth € 2.5 billion a year, or 208 million a month.

Meloni: Idiocy also the lottery of receipts

Paradoxically, the only party against cashback and the receipt lottery from the beginning that the Draghi government now wants to suspend the only opposition party, the Brothers of Italy. Cashback will be suspended from 1st July. Brothers of Italy – said the president in a statement Giorgia Meloni – was the only political force to say clearly from the start that cashback and receipt lottery is an idiocy that costs us four billion. An attempt to control the Italians in exchange for a handout. Now the Draghi government has arrived. The nearly two billion saved are now earmarked for activities and workers affected by the crisis and from the closures, as I had asked the premier to do in a letter sent on March 3 last.

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