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from Maurizio Porro

In Portorosso, an imaginary Ligurian village, Luca, a shy adolescent sea monster who emerged from the water acquires human features, and his friend Alberto. Which has its own double identity problems

Available on the Disney platform, «Luca» is the 24th and new cartoon from Pixar that enters the Italian reality by history and geography. Produced by the two giants of American animation, the funny cartoon is directed by the Genoese Enrico Casarosa, born in 1971, who moved to work in the US studios at the age of twenty and holds Fellini and Miyazaki as teachers.

In the first film he brings together one of the classic themes, life under water from the “Sirenetta to “Finding Nemo”, with a story of friendship in Portorosso, an imaginary and likely cordial Ligurian village where Luca, a shy teenage sea monster who emerged from the water takes on human features and his friend Alberto, who has his own double identity problems. Clear intent, like other efforts that Disney makes for LGBT propaganda including the documentary «Pride», Is to invite friendship, tolerance and civil respect for the different, in this case the sea monsters with relatives in tow.

In the center, a Vespa that will be the prize, the two, with Giulia, they decide to participate in the Portorosso Cup which includes three dangerous challenges given the nature: swimming, eating a plate of spaghetti (of course, with pesto) and cycling through the alleys of the city. Adventurous and imaginative, the film travels through the memory of Italy between the 50s and 60s, opens with a motif by the Quartetto Cetra, followed by Pappa col pomodoro by Pavone and a Morandi classic, while the posters of the “Street” of Fellini and of the obligatory “Roman holidays” con Audrey Hepburn e Gregory Peck in Vespa.

If with the final certainly almost everything fits (in the credits we see some images of a sequel …) remains a fun lesson in civil law enlivened by the sentimental characters of the trio, while the two boys risk being lynched for the contagious fear of the community for monsters of all kinds and species that are often only the innocent victims .

“Luca”, prod. Pixar, directed by Enrico Casarosa, Disney Plus

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