M5S, a thousand (enigmatic) souls and a populist matrix. Because it is not possible for the Democratic Party to form a “new olive tree” – Corriere.it

really difficult to imagine a new olive tree. The tendency to beat paths known is a common behavior in humans. It is therefore understood that even in the Democratic Party attempts are made to follow the path of the fathers, the one that in the past gave the best results. But remaking the Olive Tree with the Five Stars does not seem possible. For two reasons. The first is that Giuseppe Conte cannot represent that federating leader, above all super parts, who was Romano Prodi, and who is indispensable in an alliance between different people. The second reason is that the many political forces that made up the Olive tree had at least a similar political culture, founded on reformism. While the Five Stars belong, by birth and with unchanged pride, to the history of maximalism and populism. When Chiara Appendino excludes 100% that the M5S can support the Democratic Party in Turin even only in the ballot, she is describing a genetic incompatibility, which denies the very logic of the double shift in order to relaunch the idea of ​​democrats as an absolute enemy.

Bipolarity between quarrel and people

How can a strategic alliance be built on these premises, hoping for a return to the majority that acts as the shirt of Nessus to a new center-left, together with a party and a leader who openly declare that they are neither right nor left, risks be incomprehensible. Even in a country that has seen them all from the point of view of political experiments. Finally, there is another element to take into account: being Salvini’s enemies does not seem to be enough to become allies. The new black man of the left – according to the effective metaphor used on theCourier service by Angelo Panebianco – does not appear to be a strong glue like Berlusconi in cementing his opponents. Partly because Conte’s M5S has already ruled with him, theorising that they can create a new bipolarism together, no longer between right and left but between quarrel and people. And then because today they are all together in the Draghi government. Rather, there is the risk that waving the red banner of a new olive tree could end up strengthening a no less divided center-right, which too has been left without a federator.

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Two alternative lines between the dem

What to do then? Difficult to put yourself in the uncomfortable clothes that Enrico Letta was called to wear. Indeed, it must be recognized that whatever path he chooses will always be exposed to friendly fire. In fact, what will become the Five Star Movement a riddle shrouded in a mystery within an enigma, to put it in Churchill’s style: almost an exercise in kremlinology following the unpredictable labyrinth of threads that still bind the splinter wing of Casaleggio to the nomenklatura of ministers and undersecretaries, the pro-Pd group to Conte’s new dorotei, and all together with Luigi Di Maio’s Gulf Stream. But it is clear that two alternative lines are already emerging among the Democrats. The first reason pragmatically like this: instead of trying to become central in a coalition that does not exist and never will be, shouldn’t it be better to try to be central in the Italian political system, widening the range of possible alliances? The proponents of this solution point to a proportional law. The one with which already Zingaretti and Franceschini intended to soften the inevitable harshness of the meeting with the Five Stars. Another current focuses instead on dem pride, and wonders why the Democratic Party cannot, at least in the cities where there is a double shift, present its candidates to the voters and try to win, instead of bargaining them in advance by ceding sovereignty to the Five. Stars, as in fact happened in Rome when Raggi made the Zingaretti candidacy fail in favor of that of Gualtieri. In either case, it would be a matter of acknowledging the unreliability of the M5S as an ally. An uncomfortable situation, however, for a party that currently has no other allies.

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