manage corporate crises with a specific fund and structure –

For corporate crises we have started the recruitment procedures for the activation of one specific structure that will take advantage of professional skills of outstanding quality to support ministerial decisions in crisis tables and we have arranged for the allocation of a background which can be activated to guide companies in temporary difficulty towards better conditions, when there are prospects of recovery. This was stated by the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti at the hearing of the committees of Productive Activities of the Chamber and Senate on programmatic lines. I believe that the Mise must also build tools and structures capable of dealing with crises in terms of unprecedented numbers, dimensions and characteristics, he concluded.

The CDP document on the reorganization of incentives

In a recent hearing on the Recovery plan I had found the jungle of incentives that the State, through Cdp, Invitalia and other regulations, offers as a panel to companies and which very often are incomprehensible and difficult to activate. In this regard, I would like to announce that Cdp, following my request, has prepared a document that it will transmit today to the Commissions, in which it has laudably tried to systematize matrix framework all the tools available today for the different supply chains and situations.

The database of support interventions

Giancarlo Giorgetti has started an in-depth work at the Ministry of Economic Development to bring all the elements of knowledge with reference to the different forms of knowledge into a database. support intervention of businesses. In this way – he said – we will be able to verify whether the same company has made use of more incentives and the use it has made of them by monitoring the results obtained with respect to the expected objectives. Giorgetti highlighted the criticized in our country on incentives. Public policies have fluctuated, often in a contradictory and incoherent way, between the dispersion of support interventions “sprinkled” and choices dictated by insufficient investigation. The Industry 4.0 strategy itself, as well as some of the tax credits previously, were in fact left to the discretion of individual companies. It is therefore a question of placing the choice of intervention tools in a framework that evaluates, on the basis of practical experience, theutility of each of them, the potential progress achievable with some corrective measures and the significance they can assume with reference to priority to be achieved.

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State aid: removing anachronistic constraints

Italy will have to actively participate in the discussion, in the European context, for the revision of the state aid legislation to remove a series of constraints and limitations that could have been justified in the construction phase of the internal market but which are today anachronistic if not self-defeating when it comes to facing competition from emerging economies. Cos Giorgetti, always in hearing with the commissions gathered on the programmatic lines of his dicastery. We check the difficulties of a discipline on a daily basis too thorough in the field of State aid to the detriment of the possibility of implementing interventions, even of a temporary nature, to support companies in difficulty which, however, can still recover by making use of a loan or of public guarantees.

Extend the Golden power

We are considering extending the scope of application of the Golden power even to supply chains that are excluded and have an evident importance in the national economic structure and this in reference to the situation of unfair competition with China. Today we verify that the expectation of an increase in disposable income for households in view of the growing weight of imports of low-cost industrial products from China has proved to be a fatal mistake firstly because those products have led to the closure of so many companies and the loss of so many jobs and, secondly, because Chinese competition almost always plays on price at the expense of quality. Unfortunately, Europe has tried belatedly to run for cover by modifying the rules relating to trade defenses to preserve and relaunch the development prospects of the manufacturing sector.

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