Maradona, in Castellino del Biferno coins and banknotes with the Pibe de Oro

twelve o’clock, February 11, 2021 – 10:53 am

The municipality of Molise has printed a 5 ducat currency dedicated to the champion and Napoli’s Uefa Cup victory. The mayor: “He is the hero of the South of the world”

While in Argentina there is discussion on Senator Norma Durango’s bill to print the thousand pesos banknote with the image of Diego Armando Maradona and stamps, in Molise this is already a reality. The mayor of Castellino del Biferno (Campobasso) Enrico Fratangelo coined the ducats dedicated not only to the “Pibe de Oro”, but also to the victories in the world championships and the Scudetto. The 5 banknote is dedicated to Napoli’s Uefa Cup victory, the 10 to the immortality of the football player, the 20 ducats to the scudetto with a scream of redemption and the 50 ducats to the World Cup. The 100 ducati, fresh off the press, at the «Mano de Dios».

The Castellinese coin was adopted with a trade union decree of 17 April 2020, following the municipal regulation of 2018 whose content mentions the royal decree of 1831 of the king of Naples Ferdinand II. The duchy, equal to the euro, is given to the poorest families of the country who use the banknotes for food shopping in shops affiliated with the Municipality; the merchants can then return the banknotes to the Municipality and obtain the corresponding money.

On 24 December 2020 Fratangelo minted the 2 ducat coin with the effigy of Maradona and now, in the small Molise center, the sports image of the champion stands out on 5 banknotes and one coin. «The banknotes are already printed, cut and plasticized to be able to sanitize them – explains the mayor who began to distribute them – Maradona we consider him the counter-hero of the Risorgimento, the hero of the South of the world. Garibaldi, considered the hero of two worlds, fled to Argentina following a death sentence for Mazzinian subversion and, instead, Argentina sent us the true hero who has always defended the poor and has never yielded to mercenary logic , unlike Garibaldi ».

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«We have chosen to release the banknotes in this period – said Fratangelo – in function of the commemoration of the victims of the massacres perpetrated by the Savoy against the South and especially on 13 February, the day on which Gaeta capitulated. From that day until the arrival of Maradona, the South no longer knew it could win either at a footballing or at an entrepreneurial level, neither socially nor economically and, therefore, productive. After Maradona, Southern Italy and the South of the world have reopened their minds and from submissive peoples they have become equal peoples. Therefore long live Maradona and long live freedom ». Fratangelo shortly announces the minting of the 10 ducat metal coin in a limited edition of 50 thousand pieces. (source agencies)

11 February 2021 | 10:53


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