Marco Bellocchio, Palme d’Or of honor at the Cannes Film Festival (where he brings the film about his brother who committed suicide) –

Ten years after the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in Venice, Marco Bellocchio on July 16 will receive the Palm of Honor at the Cannes Film Festival. The awards – says the famous director immediately after having received the news, accompanied by Paolo Del Brocco of Rai Cinema – are used to move forward, to make our work slightly easier. I am happy with my life, with everything that has happened to me, this recognition represents something special. I have never received an award at Cannes, except in 1980 for Michel Piccoli and Anouk Aime, the two protagonists of my film Jump into the void. Bellocchio continues with his unmistakable disenchanted irony: Not a reward or a recovery, I have never thought of a director for posterity, I am not one who complains, I had 7-8 David di Donatello, I am not desperate, I have been also greatly awarded, this is quite an outstanding thing.

The Palme d’Or of Honor in the 74 years of the Festival was awarded only five times before Bellocchio: Clint Eastwood, Agns Varda, Francis Ford Coppola, Bernardo Bertolucci and Manoel de Oliveira. Putting it in the bookshop – Bellocchio continues – we know everything about Cannes, the rituals, the hotels, how to get there … It is a look towards the world, then there are other great festivals that are not talked about, equally important. a director, an author and a poet, we are proud to honor him, says General Delegate Thierry Frmaux. And the president of the review Pierre Lescure adds: He has always questioned institutions, traditions, personal and collective history. In each of his works, almost involuntarily, or at least in the most natural way possible, he revolutionizes the established order.

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I still have so many things to tell, he told us when, in 2019, he turned 80. And there are two things to tell. The first is the film dedicated to his brother who committed suicide at 29, in 1968. It is called Marx can wait and he will take him to Cannes. A very personal film that I hope is not just about the Bellocchio family. A story that comes from his pain, where he will bring out the scream he has kept inside him for too long, like an unexploded inner voice, the death of my twin brother. The first title was L’urlo: that of his mother, when he discovered that his son Camillo had hanged himself: I chose an almost ironic title on a story that is not ironic, Marx can wait has a precise connection with a line in the film, it was pronounced by my brother and already present in a movie I made. He calls it a small but very complex film. The sense of guilt, a journey into a discomfort not understood, the one closest to us, born in the same family. Some time ago he said that with his twin brother they were not so supportive, but it doesn’t mean anything, in fact I didn’t understand anything about a tragedy that was about to happen.

Then there is External Night on Aldo Moro, the TV series for Rai with Aldo Gifuni as the Christian Democrat leader, and then Margherita Buy and Toni Servillo. From Buongiorno notte, the film on the kidnapping of Moro by the Red Brigades, outside that tragedy, Cossiga, Paul VI, the statesman’s wife … And in perspective Bellocchio is already thinking back to the film about Edgardo Mortara, the Jewish child who in 1858 was removed from his family of origin to be raised by a Catholic. So says Marco Bellocchio, 82 years old and not having them.

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