Masks mandatory, the stop outdoors is worth a saving of 50 euros per family-

About 50 euros of expenses less in six months, from the end of June to the end of the year. how much will they save Italian families with the stop to the obligation to use masks outdoors from June 28 in the white area, as announced by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. what emerges from the analysis of the European Union of cooperatives (Uecoop) on Istat data. In the last year of the pandemic – Uecoop claims – the expense for masks entered the budgets of Italian families with surgical ones which, in addition to being the most widespread, are also the least expensive, especially after they had registered in the first months of the pandemic speculative phenomena and hoarding of personal protective equipment. The increase in availability has also favored the lowering of prices, which vary according to the degree of customization of the mask or its level of protection.

Coldiretti, savings of 40 million in the fields

For agricultural businesses, Coldiretti analyzes, the end of the obligation of masks the decision to save at least 40 million euros in the second half of the year in which the activities of harvesting vegetables and fruit are concentrated in addition to the grape harvest and the olive harvest. The end of the obligation – underlines Coldiretti – is an important date for about one million workers in the countryside where most of the activities take place in the open air with the possibility of respecting distances. Precisely because often in isolated areas and with large open spaces, Italian farms are perhaps the safest places from contagion. Only 0.3% of the 156,766 relate to agriculture accident reports from Covid-19 on work recorded by Inail in Italy as of February 28, 2021. This is – the lowest percentage of infections among the various activities.

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