A fascinating fan-created poster depicts Tom Cruise and his Top Gun: Mavericks pilot battling Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

tom cruise and his pilot Top Gun: Maverick and Avengers: Infinity War Crossover fan art.Joseph Kosinski Top Gun The sequel has been in production for more than three decades, even further delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. However, Top Gun: Maverick It was worth the wait, as the blockbuster was a success in every way, becoming a box-office hit and a significant darling.

Released in late May 2022, Top Gun: Maverick The box office remains strong. In addition to good word of mouth effectively serving as a marketing scheme, it is also a movie that can be enjoyed over and over again. In its latest box office milestone, Top Gun: Maverick officially passed Avengers: Infinity War It became the sixth-highest-grossing domestic film of all time, with its local gross currently standing at $679 million. within the globe, Top Gun: Maverick The production budget was only $170 million, but more than $1.4 billion has been earned.

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Top Gun: Maverick beat up Avengers: Infinity WarDomestic sales revenue inspired digital artist Bosslogic to create crossover fan posters. The illustration imagines Cruise’s Pete “The Maverick” Mitchell leading his naval contemporaries against Thanos on Titan. Check out the fan art below:

Granted, the idea of ​​fan art above is pretty bizarre. For beginners, Avengers: Infinity War and Top Gun: Maverick have almost nothing in common. They also exist in two different franchises. Having said that, when people think about it more, it’s not that far-fetched. Given the MCU’s thriving multiverse, there may be a reality for Maverick and TOPGUN to exist. It’s worth mentioning that the Marvel Universe is rooted in the reality of Earth. Cruise is also filming in actual space with director Doug Liman, so it’s not hard to imagine him on a mission in the universe. Finally, before Robert Downey Jr. was even considered for the role, the actor actually played genius billionaire Tony Stark at one point. So, there’s a version of the MCU where Cruise is Iron Man. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness It was almost mentioned in the movie because there was an idea for Cruise to play a variant of Iron Man.

As for what Cruise’s character and his companions think Top Gun: Maverick The heroes could have helped the Avengers defeat Thanos, but the chances of that actually happening are slim and have nothing to do with the abilities of the Navy pilot.According to Doctor Strange’s assessment of the future, the Mad Titan must Avengers: Infinity War first let him Avengers: Endgame. So no matter what Maverick’s driving skills, it’s unlikely he would have had much of an impact on the film’s outcome.

Source: Bosslogic/Instagram

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