McDonald’s, 1,400 hires. And the anti-Covid protocol has the “Spallanzani stamp” –

Self service prevailed. In line with the company philosophy, McDonald’s has built an anti-Covid protocol validated by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani in Rome. the first case in Italy in the catering sector. We start from the safety of our employees and our customers – says Mario Federico, CEO of McDonald’s Italia – and this has continued to be our main focus for a year now. We are all very frightened by what happened, by the risk of contagion, by everything we hear around us and we all need reassurance. For this reason, since the first lockdown we have prepared a set of procedures for our employees and to welcome customers. Today with great pride we can say that our procedures have been validated by an excellence such as the National Institute of Infectious Diseases “Lazzaro Spallanzani” in Rome. It is unique: both in the catering sector and in retail in general. This validation first of all comforts ourselves and the work we have carried out in recent months, but I think it is also a great reassurance for consumers. We need to trust again.

The future between tables and drives

McDonald’s Italy also available to vaccinate its employees on the basis of regional protocols that will be approved regarding company vaccination. Waiting to know better times and ways – continues Federico – we are preparing a logistic network with our occupational doctors to be able to serve our 615 restaurants in each region. For a widespread and capillary organization like ours it is not simple, but I believe it is a duty: towards our employees but also towards the country system. Companies can greatly reduce the national health service, especially a company like ours which has 25,000 employees. Meanwhile, you have to deal with consumer habits that are changing and that require an adequate response even from the major players in the restaurant business. In recent months, consumers have moved to other consumption channels, such as delivery and take-away – confirms the CEO of McDonald’s Italia – We have recorded an exponential growth in sales at the Drive. Until two years ago we thought that the Drive was not made for Italians who love the conviviality of the table and instead the health emergency has made the Drive the safest way to get a pastor. The habits that have been consolidated in recent months will not disappear. Certainly the Italians will return to fill the halls and sit at the table, but the impetus that the delivery and the drive have had will not be lost. This is a period of great changes, we will have to continue to be quick and flexible in adapting to the rules and customers. We will continue to invest in the Drive. Suffice it to say that out of 35 new openings scheduled for 2021, as many as 27 will have the Drive lane. In addition, for many existing restaurants we are planning a reinterpretation of the aisle: technology will help us to serve even more machines and even faster.

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Employment: 1,400 hires are expected in 2021

35 new openings in 2021 show McDonald’s investment plans are not slowing despite the pandemic. In 2020, we opened 26 new restaurants. happened to open them also in the red zone, finding ourselves in the paradox of opening a restaurant that remained closed. But we believe that in Italy there is space for this growth of our network and therefore we continue along this path. Opening new restaurants also means hiring staff. We expect to create around 1,400 new jobs this year. And above all they will be young people and women, who represent 62% of our staff. This year for our working students – 30% of the young people who work for us – we have made available half a million euros in scholarships and English language courses. We want McDonald’s to be not only a safe job but also an opportunity to build the future.

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