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from Emilia Costantini

The actor and director starring in the film Havana Kyrie and is finishing shooting the film The Man Who Drew God, where he directs Kevin Spacey, the actor accused of harassment

Sergio warned the director of photography: please, light up those blue lakes well! They make me a lot of money !. The blue lakes were the eyes of Franco Nero, who remembers Sergio Corbucci, the director with whom he shot so many films, with nostalgia. was the genius of popular cinema: he did not win the Oscar, but he won the Oscar of the audience. Nero, aka Sparanero: nomen omen prophetic, we would say. true, I shot a lot in westerns and Sergio joked about it, saying: how many do we kill today ?. Not surprisingly, he was present in Venice78, together with Quentin Tarantino, to celebrate the director in the documentary Django&Django: A nice tribute to Sergio with many memories of me and Quentin.

The Tarantino who, for his Django Unchained, is inspired by yours Django.

Quentin was passionate about our films and when you start working on his “Django”, asks me to participate. I was happy and offered him an idea for my role.

Did he like it?

No, and after a while he proposed his own, which was better than mine. Shooting with him was an extraordinary adventure.

Now the protagonist of a film without shootings: the day after tomorrow he presents at the Casa del Cinema in Rome, in a preview organized by the Visioni Illusioni association, Havana Kyrie. What a story ?

I play an old conductor at the Rossini Theater in Pesaro, where I have had great successes but now I am in crisis and I am out of a job. I reduce myself to being a bum, until they propose me to go direct a children’s choir in Havana: there he will have to deal with Cuban joy, then performing the Kyrie eleison by Rossini.

Meanwhile, another film is being shot in Turin, as a director, The man who drew God, where he cast Kevin Spacey, the Oscar winner banished from Hollywood for harassment allegations.

inspired by a true story: a blind artist, personified by me, manages to portray people only by listening to the intonations of the voice. But he is accused of a horrendous crime, pedophilia against an African girl, who instead he had welcomed into the house with her mother because they both fled the war.

And the role of Spacey?

In a sort of role reversal, he plays the commissioner who investigates the story. Regarding his story as an alleged molester, I can say that we are all sinners, I challenge anyone to call themselves a saint. Kevin for me is a great actor and art cannot be erased. came to the set with great humility.

Playing a piano teacher is his wife Vanessa Redgrave: a twice married wife.

A long story ours, which began with the film “Camelot”. I was Lancelot, she was Guinevere. When I first met her on set, I said to director Logan: how ugly! She was thin, without make-up, wore ripped jeans. I was used to the flourishing Italian beauties! But Vanessa invited me to dinner with other actors. I ring the door and a wonderful woman comes to open it, I don’t recognize her and I say: good evening, I was invited by Redgrave. She laughs and exclaims: it’s me! Then our bond took off on a romantic evening in San Francisco: a sentimental and business union.

A long career, his, which began in the theater.

Of course! As a kid, in Parma, I used to organize little shows in dialect. The comrades made fun of me, to answer “You will see!”. In fact, I was a student of Strehler and, when I started my career, the great teacher recommended me: you must say that you studied with me !.

Another teacher, John Huston.

Master of stage and English: my knowledge of the language was macaronic and forced me to listen to records where famous actors played Shakespeare.

Still, she should have entered the weapon, following in her father’s footsteps.

He was a marshal and he dreamed of me becoming an officer. When I went my own way he was disappointed, then he became my fan. A strict father, he helped me not to get mad.

In November he turns 80.

But I show 60! And I have a lot to do.

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