Metalworkers contract, we are moving towards the signature: final negotiation –

The negotiation for the renewal of the metalworkers’ contract reached the last mile. It is not excluded that the closing may arrive on Friday. On Thursday evening Ferdermeccanica (the president, Alberto Dal Poz present), Assistal and Fiom Cgil, Fim Cisl and Uilm Uil with their respective general secretaries Francesca Re David, Roberto Benaglia and Rocco Palombella, negotiated until 4 in the morning. The pillars around which the agreement is being built are the following.

Contractual frameworks

The contractual frameworks have been the same since 1973 and provide for professional figures that no longer exist today. Even in the previous renewals there was talk of their reform but therefore never done. Now, however, the reform of the classification should be part of this renewal. More: somehow the architrave. According to the factory pact that governs the structure of contract renewals, in fact, the increase on the minimums should be only that justified by the increase in prices (the IPCA). In this case, a greater increase may also be acceptable for Confindustria because it is justified by this “reform”.

Duration extension

The duration of the contract is another key for renewal. The unions are united in asking for a contractual increase of more than 100 euros. But, if we exclude the food sector, which closed by granting 119 euros and telecommunications (100 euros), the others often stopped well below the three figures. The initial request from the metalworkers was anything but modest (153 euros). In November Federmeccanica relaunched by offering 65 euros plus 750 of corporate welfare over the three-year period. To get out of the impasse, we are talking about 112 euros in three and a half years, from January of this year to mid-2024. 2020 would be covered by the ultractivity of the previous contract.

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