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He was of few words and taciturn by nature. And he might have seemed a grumpy type. In reality Michele Pasinato, the former blue volleyball player of the Generation of Phenomena who died in Padua at the age of 52 recently due to a long illness, was a person with a good soul, very good at transmitting his passion for volleyball to young people. In fact, having closed his career as a player, Paso had agreed to make his experience at the Padua Volleyball available, taking care of the new recruits. He did so until the disease, which he fought with the same tenacity he had as an athlete, sapped his rind, eventually blocking his attempts to resist it.

A great athlete

In recent days to his wife Silvia and children Edoardo and Giorgio he had confided that he was tired and could not take it anymore. Michele Pasinato had a deep and determined gaze and a heavy hand. Hitter-opposite role, that is the one who has to knock down the balls served by the setter. He had, so to speak, a little misfortune: on his path there was someone like Andrea Zorzi, in the position one of the strongest in the world in that magical period of our volleyball. But despite the cumbersome competition from Zorro, who could not fail to be considered a starter, the Paso managed to carve out his space and his moments of glory. All ‘Turku 1993 European Championship, concluded with the second continental gold medal at the end of an epic final with the Netherlands decided at the tie-break, Julio Velasco almost always preferred him to Andrea. And he did not fail to put his signature on it. Precisely in the play-off set of the challenge for gold, his broadsides were decisive, avoiding Italy a scorching insult because the Dutch, after being 0-2 behind, had drawn (2-2) and forced the Azzurri to the fifth fraction. .

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The carreer

Born in Cittadella on March 13, 1969, Michele Pasinato still the record holder of points scored in the regular season of the top flight of the Italian league (7,031 points in 280 games, more than 300 points more than the second). This is not the only important figure in a career that would have been even more important if he had played in teams with greater playoff ambitions: in fact, second in terms of points per game, behind Andrea Zorzi. It is significant that certain records still belong to players in action thirty years ago. Michele’s career as a player began in the youth academy of Petrarch Padua in the 1985-86 season, where he remained until 1994 in the A1 series. After three years in Montichiari and one in Rome, Paso returned to his Padua playing until 2000-01. In the top flight (between the championship and the Italian Cup) he scored 7,800 points in 316 races. The list of titles won with the Italian national team jersey is very long, with which he totaled 256 appearances: fromworld gold in Tokyo in 1998, passing through the European Championships in Turku and Athens in 1993 and 1995. The last dunks he reserved for the militancy in Serie B and C, a way to stay active and prepare for the turning point: that of the coach. He had chosen to take care of young people because he certainly felt this way of working more similar to his character: and whoever had him as a coach remembers him like a father who always had the right look, advice or even a healthy but never exaggerated reproach. Sometimes, to make it clear what was needed on the pitch, he had only to remember, by planting his index finger on the sternum of a pupil, how much strength he had in his hands. It is also this physical power of his that it seems impossible to us that the Paso is no longer there.

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