Mickey Rourke: his stormy past between tormented loves (and two marriages), excesses and arrests

In his private life and in his career Mickey Rourke fell many times: he fought for a long time against addictions and excesses (alcohol, drugs but also plastic surgery), he squandered many of the earnings accumulated in the years in which he was one of the most popular sex symbols of Hollywood and also his love life was not far behind. But, despite the difficulties, he managed to get up. The now 69-year-old actor of 9 and a half weeks and The Wrestler, born on September 16, 1952, is back in the limelight (he will soon be the villain in the TV series MacGruber and star in the next film by Paul Tully Replica) and is enjoying his new serenity. conquered, without denying anything of its past. Stormy loves included.

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