Model 730, from the «pre-filled» to the balance: all the dates to remember

Ten appointments in 220 days

Ten stages, 220 days of passion, albeit with some rest periods. Welcome to the tax marathon. The one that begins May 10, the first day in which the pre-filled 730 form can be viewed, and will end on December 16, deadline for the payment of the IMU balance. There are demanding and very onerous stages, such as June 16 when the Imu 2021 deposit is paid, or June 30 (payment of the taxes resulting from the PF tax return, the former Unico model). And others less expensive, but always insidious, such as those dedicated to the transmission of the 730 model (from May 14th to September 30th, to be sent directly from the taxpayer or via Caf or professional) or the PF Income model (by 30 November). The tax season will be tiring for us, but definitely rich for the state, regional and municipal coffers. The main events are indicated in the graph.

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