Mourinho to Rome? We Interisti while we celebrate we forgive you-

You are forgiven, Jos Mourinho. We forgive you for that too Gives! with whom you presented yourself in Rome. In Milan he had been I’m not an idiot !. If one day you coached Napoli, you would shout Vattenne ..! to your predecessor. In Turin you would begin with Esageruma nen …. And instead you are exaggerating too, Mou. By now we know you, and basically we like you like that.

Football is a popular spectacle. The ability to be on stage does not detract from the value of a technician; if anything, it adds something to the collective pleasure. The world of football needs colorful and winning characters such as Herrera, Trapattoni, Mourinho, Conte. Inter too, to tell the truth.

Mourinho and Conte, 12 years of verbal war between “catenaccio”, “hair”, “tears”, “clowns” and “football betting”
Mourinho returns to Italy

Jos Mrio dos Santos Mourinho Flix, born in Setbal in 1963, loves the stage. When there is no microphone, he resorts to gestures: the handcuffs (Milan, 2010), the umbrella (Madrid, 2012), the ear (Turin, 2018). Master of mimicry, tactics and exemptions, Mou cannot bear the dim light in which every coach ends up, sooner or later. Twilight, for Mou, like the light in the eyes for Ancelotti: unbearable. The man has lost some hair and some certainties, in the last English years: not the ability to attract attention and evoke memories. Even so, melancholy and bald, he remains hypnotic. The Nerazzurri memories are excellent: triumphal, even. When Inter-Roma play at San Siro – finally open – the Inter fans will welcome him as a returning hero. And he, smart, maybe answer by intoning O mia bela Madunina. In Roman dialect, of course.

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