Mourinho to Rome, what he brings (and what perhaps he cannot give) –

The return of Mourinho means many things. The first is the seriousness of the owners of Roma that have sensationally failed any market expert. The second meaning lies in the strength of the decision, in its intrinsic importance. Before you even know what Mourinho is today, what man represents counts. The direct consequence professional reliability and project safety. This Mourinho guarantees to Rome and also to the rest of our football from the top of his dozens of titles. The third thing is pure suggestion, an unstable argument but at the basis of any future substance. A silent society like the Rome of the Americans, was in urgent need of an American spokesman who spoke on behalf of the presidents.

Mourinho will transform the city in an amphitheater of words that will bounce from one fatal hill to another, restoring fidelity to the base. If there are times when the strength of the present counts more than the risks of the future, this is one of them. To stay within our time, Mourinho vaccinates Rome from its disappointment. The rest to be built, as it would have been with any other coach.

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Mourinho returns to Italy

One last question remains: what does Mourinho represent today from a technical point of view? It comes from years of important exemptions, why? There are almost literary explanations that have solid foundations in my opinion. Mourinho’s feat with Inter in 2010, the year in which Guardiola began his revolutionary path in Barcelona. Mourinho does not have a technical school, he has impetus, a cult of detail, but he does not come from great football, he reaches it. The more basic, contentious, unstable football, the better it is. Guardiola brought a new science and taught it to everyone. Mourinho went into trouble exactly when the football studied was established throughout Europe. It is bypassed. In the Guardiola dimension, old Mourinho. But another hundred dimensions remain.

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