Municipal elections, the idea of ​​voting in September divides the parties –

of Giuseppe Alberto Falci

The proposal to anticipate the vote at the end of the summer to avoid finding oneself in October with a high number of infections pleases the center-left but not the center-right

Anticipate the administrative to the month of September to avoid being found in October with a number of Delta variant infections that would force a postponement of the electoral round. This is why many parties, including the Interior Ministry, are starting to consider the postponement of the electoral round that will involve regional capitals, such as Rome, Naples, Turin, Bologna and Milan, but also over 1200 municipalities throughout Italy. Beppe Sala, mayor of the Lombard capital and running for a second term at Palazzo Marino, the first to come out: It can make sense and I think it can be evaluated. Then of course they will decide. I am a party to the dispute and I am probably not calm in the judgment regarding my race. I have been saying for a long time that it would have been better to vote in June or July rather than ahead. Moreover, adds Sala, there is some concern, Letizia Moratti also expressed it to me the other day regarding a restart of the infections linked to the Delta variant. The last word will go to the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese who will have to sum up after having talked with the scientists of the CTS. To date, the decree approved on March 4th only provides that the elections must take place on a date between September 15th and October 15th.

In recent weeks, the dates of 10 and 11 October were identified for the first round and those of 24 and 25 October for the ballots. For the whole day the rumor of an advance of the opening of the polling stations runs insistently in the buildings to the point of triggering the reaction of Matteo Salvini. The leader of the League is very opposed: Making the elections in September means making the lists in August, let’s not joke, we vote on 10 October. Of the same opinion Ignazio La Russa (FdI): the fear that makes ninety of the center-left mayors: either they want not to vote or not to campaign. This story about the Delta variant they mounted. Meanwhile, the gossips of the center-right whisper: The truth is that we do not have a candidate for Bologna and we have now left for Milan. Out of the chorus Roberto Dipiazza, candidate for Forza Italia in Trieste for a new mandate: Going to vote in October or even going to vote in January, absolutely nothing changes for what concerns me.

At the Nazareno, on the other hand, there is no doubt: the sooner you vote better. Manager of local authorities Francesco Boccia attacks the Northern League leader: Salvini, as always, does not seem interested in scientific evaluations. Be rigorous and in line with health assessments. Minister Lamorgese will make a choice in the collective interest and that everyone will have to accept. Federico Fornero of LeU also relies on the wisdom of the Minister of the Interior.

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