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from Renato Franco

The Neapolitan writer awarded with the prestigious award also for “Il commissario Ricciardi”, the policeman born in his novels set in the Naples of the thirties

“Mine is the simplest part: I do it in my pajamas”: the irony to defuse any kind of vanity, from which, moreover, it is alien. Maurizio de Giovanni is wrapped in two shimmering Silver Ribbons, the oldest Italian film award, awarded since 1946 by the National Union of Italian Film Journalists (Sngci). This year the Nastri have also opened up to seriality: de Giovanni received a special tape for writing (for
Mina September
The Bastards of Pizzofalcone
), while the tape for the «series of the year» went to Commissioner Ricciardi, the fictional character born in his novels set in the Naples of the Thirties in full fascist regime.

De Giovanni immediately dodges compliments: “It’s not my fault that I won, the credit goes to Naples, a city that represents a unique narrative territory, full of contrasts and dialectics, a generator of conflicts and therefore a continuous opportunity for narrative opportunities: I have only the great fortune of being Neapolitan , observer of a large stage which is a continuous source of inspiration and suggestion ». Some merit will have it too, right? “If I can recognize myself, one advantage is that of having the ability to listen and not the vanity to speak, as so many do today. I consider myself a faithful observer ». Attentive to what happens to others, not to his navel: “I resist the temptation to tell about myself, while today the attitude to tell about oneself surrounds us”.

Not even success (literary and television) can feed his ego. “I think it happens to all those who reach success in old age: if you were not stupid before it is difficult to become one”. Not even a little vanity? «I like to be recognized on the street, it makes me happy that people have the desire to comment on my books, that they thank me for the characters I have created. But as Troisi said, poetry is for those who use it. And the same goes for novels. I like that people perceive my characters as if they were alive ».

Commissioner Ricciardi (played by Lino Guanciale)
it was a great success of Rai1, with over 5 million viewers. Where is Ricciardi alive? «He has an uncommon sensitivity to the pain of others. While everyone generally pretends to participate in the torments of others, but are happy that it did not happen to them, Ricciardi knows how to genetically feel the pain of others on himself. Ricciardi likes him for his empathy ». Empathy, another sentiment in contrast with the times we live in, all perpetually posing for a photograph that no one is taking, at most it is a selfie, onanism of the ego: “This individualism, or rather egocentrism, I think is the fault of the social networks that feed concentration on oneself. Self-centeredness is the premise of selfishness ». De Giovanni is also the author of Bastards of Pizzofalcone (at the start last night, again on Rai1): «They are living characters because they are a mirror of imperfection, each of them feels incomplete. I believe that the message of the series can also serve as an operational indication of life: the strength of the team is always greater than the sum of the imperfections of the parts ».

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