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The diva revealed the choice of the family after the death of little River, not even a year old: “I know that not everyone sees it this way, but for us it was a salvation”

Sharon Stone is back to talk about her nephew River, who died last August 30 at eleven months. The actress, interviewed by People, revealed that her organs were donated: «My grandson saved the lives of three people. Nothing more than this helps our family to endure his tragic death, giving us some peace, ”he said.

the message

The little one had become well known after, shortly before his death, Stone had invited all his fans on social media to pray for him: “We need a miracle.” Then, on August 30, he gave the news of his death, a year not yet completed. The child was the son of his brother Patrick and multiorgan failure was fatal for him. Her health conditions suddenly worsened so much that the diva had to leave Venice, to quickly return to America. In the interview he explained that now the little boy with his organs “has saved the lives of three people, two children and a 45-year-old man. This thing has given us some peace. ”

The donation

River’s parents also exposed themselves, posting a text on the Instagram page of the Center for Organ Recovery and Education. «He was our little joker, our aquatic child, our little gourmet – they wrote -, now River has also become a hero. By dying, our child has made a far greater contribution to this world than most of us could ever hope to make. ‘ Stone, in an attempt to find a foothold in the tragedy, therefore wanted to emphasize the importance of donating one’s organs: «A tragedy can happen in one’s life, in one’s family. For ours, this opportunity to be an organ donor was a salvation. Not everyone thinks the same on this issue. But he gave us some peace ».

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