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of Tommaso Labate

The former 5-star was among the uncertain about the request for suspension of the Zan bill, but then his s

Did I save the Zan bill? It seems that this is the case. As quick as the left hand of Gigio Donnarumma on the last penalty kicked by England – and, for once, without anyone telling him ‘ndo are you ?, as Prime Minister Draghi did with the national team goalkeeper – the rapacious index of the right hand of Alfonso Ciampolillo, now Lello for all, prevents the return to commission of the law that is inflaming Palazzo Madama. The man who at the end of January had written the first page of the history of slow motion applied to a vote of confidence in Palazzo Madama, with President Casellati called to check at the photo finish if he had answered the call on the Conte II government in good time because his if it were valid, he goes back to writing his name in the political news that counts.

The seasons change, then it was full winter and today late summer; change the voting times, that time it was night and now day; changes the subject of the dispute, from the last trust received in the Senate by Conte to the law on homotransphobia: but the man who inside the hemicycle who does not mind at the last second, and who decides that he he says, it always remains the same. And that is Ciampolillo. Of course, in the famous precedent he had been the decisive marker of a Pyrrhic victory, given that the road that with his vote should have led his fellow countryman from bis to ter would suddenly be interrupted. This time, who knows, the rule supported by the Pd, M5S, Leu and Left goes on, even if it will have to go through the secret vote.

Courses and appeals of a history that repeats itself, and that sees the Apulian senator as him ruthless condor of the Senate control panel ready to engrave his name on the board when the going gets tough. The request for the suspension of the center-right, which would have thrown back the Zan bill in commission, was one step away from being approved, with otherwise settled on 135 effective each. If then ended 136 to 135, with a result that allows the bill to continue its process in the Chamber, it was for a point that the former M5S senator, then leader of those returning contiani ascribed to the ranks of those responsible, self-attributed.

Did I save the Zan bill? It seems that this is the case, the sentence full of undisguised modesty that Ciampolillo put in the minutes at the end of the vote. Ascribed to the front of the undecided, with his name excluded from the scores that the observers of the Palazzo had diligently compiled on the suspension to separate those in favor from the opposite, the parliamentarian so friendly with trees that he elected one as his residence marks a point against Salvini. And also one against Renzi, who also voted with him. The last time, on the Conte government, the two Matteo won the distance. Once again the story will decide, that long time on which Ciampolillo’s hand can do little. On the news, as we also saw yesterday, it is very strong.

July 14, 2021 (change July 14, 2021 | 22:13)

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