“My wife had Covid. We could not enter into an alliance with the M5S »- Corriere.it

Senator Renzi, you met Letta: from one to ten how embarrassed were you?
Zero. We have known each other for years, well before Palazzo Chigi. Each remains of his opinion on what happened in 2014. But now this is the past. I read many fake reconstructions but I want only the future to keep us company. And I think it’s the same for Letta. After all, Palazzo Chigi is the greatest service you can do to your country. But outside that palace there is still a life to live. We are living it with a lot of freedom and peace.

Will not enter the alliance with the 5 Stars?
If the Democratic Party allies itself with the Grillini, no, we will not enter this alliance. We are far from the anti-European right of Salvini and Meloni but also from the vulgar populism of Di Battista and Beppe Grillo. Not with the sovereignists, not with the populists. But everything seems to me to be in progress: look what happens in Rome. Letta cannot support Raggi, Conte cannot unload her: it seems to me that this alliance is far from being born. If he adds to this that the Grillini are concerned above all by the “No” in the third term, the picture is further confused. We think of vaccines, of the gradual reopening of schools, theaters, restaurants, bars. These are more serious issues of Conte’s or Di Maio’s future

What did you propose for the administrative offices in Letta?
To listen to what he himself said. The most incisive thing that the secretary has done, to date, has been to change group leaders by imposing the female question. But then we must continue. We vote in Turin, Milan, Bologna, Rome, Naples and for the parliamentary seat in Siena I think it is right to choose female candidates as well. We in Bologna have the strongest candidacy, that of the lawyer Isabella Conti. Left-wing woman, reformist, capable mayor, on the front line against urban havoc and first in Italy to give free nurseries. The Bolognese will decide, not me. But if we are consistent with what we say Pd and Italia Viva we have to go knock on Isabella’s door asking her to run.

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Are you about to say goodbye to politics?
the dream of my opponents. Many of them hope so, I understand them. I’m sorry to disappoint them: I won’t stop doing politics. In the meantime, however, they could start doing it, perhaps without thinking about me obsessively and worrying about the problems of the country. Every time they paint me out of politics, something happens. At the beginning it was when Di Maio and Martina wanted to make a government in 2018, then when Salvini and Zingaretti wanted the elections in 2019, then when Conte and Casalino dreamed of asphalting me and went to their house. But we are still here and I claim the battle to give birth to the Draghi Government as the one to send Salvini home in 2019.

Iv does not take off and loses a few pieces.
You see a player with courage, altruism and imagination, sang De Gregori who is celebrating his 70th birthday in these days. Not from penalty kicks. In the same way, a party can measure it by the proposals it makes, by what it affects in political life, by the contribution it makes to the country. Not from more or less trained surveys. I don’t know if, as they say, Italia Viva really has 2%. If so, they should give us a double reward. Because with 2% we have changed the history of the next few years by imposing Draghi in place of Conte. If with 2% we were capable of this, imagine what we could do if only we had 8-10%.

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Arabia, Senegal, Bahrain: should these trips be made?
S. Where is the problem? I actively participate in the political life of the country, for some even too much. I respect the regulations in force. When I work abroad, I pay my taxes in Italy, so the taxpayer does not spend anything on my travels but rather earns money from this activity. And if we want to talk about foreign policy, Saudi Arabia is a bulwark against Islamic extremism, Central Africa and Draghi did well, starting with Libya. But if the problem about my person and the opportunity to make certain trips I reply that I respect all the rules.

Why did you join the Health Commission?
Because the debate on the ESM has lost strength after the arrival of the Draghi government, which is much more credible – even for the markets – than the Conte government. And therefore the advantage of taking the MES was reduced, even if not canceled. However, the weakness, as the premier pointed out, is that there is no strategic plan of Parliament on health. I think that in the next few years the health issue will be even more crucial. Those who think that once the pandemic is over, attention will shift to these issues are wrong. Those who invest in research will have won the challenge of the future. I would like to see Italy as the protagonist. With Annamaria Parente, the president of the Healthcare Commission, we will work on these issues. Involving many friends of IV but also the world outside the political bubble: doctors, nurses, researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators. Health concerns everyone. We have launched a program called Italy 2030: 20 goals for 30 billion euros. More or less the equivalent of the Mes.

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His wife Agnes, despite the vaccine, had Covid.
Covid has also entered the Renzi home. First Emanuele, who is 18 years old. Then Agnes, who had vaccinated herself following the procedures provided for teachers. It seems that the worst is over and tomorrow Agnese will teach at a distance, so as not to make her children waste even an hour. But remember that the vaccine reduces the risk of contagion, it does not eliminate it. It still prevents the most severe symptoms. So this news does not mean that the vaccine does not work then. It works: it is essential that we all get vaccinated as soon as possible

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