“No to the French model, the vaccine must be a choice, it cannot be an obligation” – Corriere.it

of Valeria Sforzini

The secretary of the League talks with the premier at Palazzo Chigi to discuss reforms and reopening. The leader of the Carroccio: “Taking out the green pass to have a coffee is out of the question”

On the morning of Wednesday 14, the Prime Minister Mario Draghi he had a meeting at Palazzo Chigi with the League secretary Matteo Salvini. The meeting took place not far from what the premier had on Tuesday with the leader of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta and with the national coordinator of Forza Italia Antonio Tajani. The topics of the interview concerned the reforms, in particular the need to intervene swiftly on justice, competition and taxation, the economic prospects generatesat the of the countryand theevolution of the epidemiological picture.

French green pass

Salvini said he was against the hypothesis of extending the French green pass also in Italy: «No French model. The obligation, the constraint, to ask for the green pass for those who take the bus or a coffee is out of the question. What does Draghi think? Ask him, but neither I nor him like extreme choices, let’s put it this way – he commented – If there are particularly crowded events, the stadium, there may be a request for sacrosanct checks. The French model is not a model ». And regarding the obligation to vaccinate, he added: «All the frail have all the convenience of making themselves safe with the vaccine. The vaccine must be a choice, it cannot be an obligation ».


On the reforms, the Northern League leader said he shared with the premier theurgency to close the chapters relating to justice, tax reform and public administration, and to start the construction sites stopped. «There is total agreement on how to move forward in the coming months: we need to rush into reforms. So the justice reform to be brought to Parliament and to be approved by the summer – Salvini explained at the end of the meeting – Anyone who gets in the way will have an opponent in the League because the economic situation is positive, it is a summer with growth in double digit. We work with common sense. I told the president that the League exists ».


The League Secretary advanced requests that go from the reopening of the discos, to the modification of the criteria for identifying the colors of the regions. “I submitted to the president what has been advanced by the Regions: change the color criteria and possible closures, then move from the number of infections to that of hospitalizations and intensive care, which fortunately is under control – said Salvini – They will be able to be more contagious? Yes, but this does not mean that there will be more hospitalized and dead ». Regarding the reopening of the premises, the leader of the Carroccio explained that he had asked for them to be reopened as early as this weekend following the appropriate safety protocols. “We need to get young people to have fun again in a healthy, safe and controlled way – he added – because safe fun in safe places is better than illegality”.

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