«Notes from a salesman of women», comes the film based on the novel by Giorgio Faletti- Corriere.it

It is 1978. Against the backdrop of a Milan to drink, a series of fatal and tragic events stand out: from the kidnapping of Aldo Moro to organized crime by Vallanzasca, from the dark maneuvers of the secret services to the attacks of the Red Brigades. The protagonists of the story are Bravo (Mario Sgueglia), a “salesman of women”, that is, he manages a tour of escorts and rattles off his life among luxury clubs, discos, clandestine gambling dens; and his friend Daytona (Paolo Rossi). The arrival of the mysterious Carla (Miriam Dalmazio) will change the situation, roles and identities will be confused: between drugs, prostitutes, policemen, machine gun bursts and chases, friends will become enemies, while enemies will turn into allies.

Notes of a women salesman is the new film written and directed by Fabio Resinaro, based on Giorgio Faletti’s bestseller (who died prematurely in 2014), produced by Elisea Multimedia with Rai Cinema, premiered on Sky Cinema Uno on 25 June at 9.15 pm, available on demand and streaming on Now. In the cast also Francesco Montanari, Antonio Gerardi, Claudio Bigagli, with the participation of Michele Placido. Resinaro says: «It was an opportunity and an honor to be able to make this film from the novel of the same name by Faletti. The book constructed a very intricate plot, a sophisticated narrative device with a very cinematic structure in itself. I wanted to interpret the atmospheres, through a key that took into account the imaginary to which the work clearly refers, that is all the cinema of the 70s, where Milan was an absolute protagonist, and I encouraged everyone to operate as if there we found ourselves actually shooting, physically, in 1978. It is a nocturnal film, which is about disobedient. The hope – adds the director – is that the viewer can also experience this sensation of temporal displacement and can re-immerse himself in that historical climate ». The producer intervenes Luca Barbareschi: «I was lucky enough to meet Faletti and I loved his novels but, in particular, this book of his struck me more than the others, because it contains the archetype of Cronus, who eats his children. We have had large, cumbersome fathers who waged war and built the country, but many also sacrificed generations to come ». Roberta Berlesini, Faletti’s widow concludes: «On the set I really felt the respect for Giorgio’s work from everyone».

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