«Notting Hill»: Hugh Grant who didn’t want to kiss Julia Roberts and the Indian remake in Bollywood, the 10 secrets of the film

June 23, 2021 – 07:39 am

The romantic comedy directed by Roger Michell is fun, full of humor and you find it brilliant. Great box office success

of Francesco Tortora

Tonight (10.30 pm, on Sky Cinema Romance) “Notting Hill”, a romantic comedy directed by Roger Michell with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. The actress plays Anna Scott, a Hollywood star in London to present her latest science fiction film. One day to escape the photographers he takes refuge in a modest bookshop in the Notting Hill neighborhood run by William Thacker (Hugh Grant), a young man as kind as he is clumsy. Later the two collide in the street and Anna stains her dress with orange juice. William invites her to his house to clean up and Anna accepts. Soon love was born between the two and, despite the social distance and the siege of the paparazzi, in the end the happy end triumphs. Notting Hill is a fun film, full of humor and you find it brilliant. Although the plot is quite obvious, the two protagonists are in a state of grace: Julia Roberts knows how to make fun of herself and Hollywood, while Hugh Grant re-proposes the “beautiful and clumsy” character already seen in “Four weddings and a funeral”. “. The film is a huge box office success. Costing $ 42 million, it grossed 363 million dollars, making it the highest grossing British film at the time. Waiting for the broadcast, here are 10 things you may not know.

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June 23, 2021 | 07:39

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