Olimpia Milano falls again with Bayern after having dominated and goes to the beautiful- Corriere.it

Verdict postponed to the beautiful between Milan and Bayern Munich. The Bavarians cancel also the second match ball at Olimpia, prevailing 85-82 in Game 4 which drew the series at 2-2.

Messina’s team did not crown 15 minutes of dominance between the second and third quarters, wasting 13 lengths of margin with a fourth period with the lights off (only 11 points scored after having scored 50 in the middle of the race).

Now the series will return Tuesday at the Forum for the fifth and decisive game: chi prevarr andr alle Final Four in Cologne challenging the winner of the other beautiful between Barcelona and Zenit St. Petersburg. Too bad for Milan, which after 30 minutes offensively brilliant (57% from 2 and 3 at last interval) undergoes the comeback final of the Bavarians.

Olimpia goes into high gear in a second quarter of 31 points, extending decisively up to 40-50 in the middle of the race. Milan apparently in control with the initiatives of the unleashed Delaney (seasonal record at 28 points), but Bayern did not let go by raising the volume in defense. From 66-75 in the 33rd minute the Germans took away the fluency of the host maneuver and overtook 80-79 in the 37th minute. Thrilling final with the 2 + 1 of the key man Zipser (16) which is 83-82 at 23 seconds from the end; Milan entrusts Fr.obsessed with Shields, the referees sanction a foul against him but at the instant replay they reverse the call by assigning a breakthrough. Lucic’s two free throws set the final score with Datome and Delaney who miss the triples from the arc of the possible overtime.

E i Milan’s dreams of European glory are postponed to the decisive 40 minutes of Tuesday.

April 30, 2021 (change April 30, 2021 | 23:08)


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