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from Maurizio Porro

The actor opened the festival with «Beckett»: «Luckily my parents didn’t see some scenes

After the jumps in space and time of «Tenet» John David Washington, 37, son of Denzel, former football champion, in the thriller “Beckett» which on Wednesday inaugurated the 74th festival in a more humid Locarno than ever, is practicing leaps into the void. Wherever he sees an overhang he throws himself, he is an innocent American citizen, involved in a dirty business in Greece.

“I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve thrown myself, even with one hand: I am a wounded animal who suffers a car accident, but who finds in desperation the energy and resistance to survive, trapped by feelings, remorse, threats. It also happens in sport ”, explains Washington jr.

Ferdinando Cito Filomarino, related to Luchino Visconti, he makes a tense and quality action movie, thinking back to “The three days of the Condor” e «Missing», but also a little to Hitchcock. He assures us that John David Washington, who used the stunt double only twice, risked the rest in person: “I told him about the film on my way to Tokyo: he accepted immediately.”

The parents came to the set but stayed on the sidelines: «Some lucky scenes that my mother hasn’t seen. On the other hand, as a good American, I discovered beautiful landscapes, excellent Greek restaurants, and the street demonstrations that we in America at the time of the film, 2015, during the Greek economic crisis of which I knew very little, we did not know, while today my country is undergoing profound changes ».

The author says he has always dreamed of a thriller and crowns a dream with an expensive Netflix production (from 13 August on the platform), in which Luca Guadagnino participated, further guarantee. «I like the character – says Washington jr. – entering it was a bit like recognizing myself and discovering the evolution of both. And I enjoyed living in a different country, with different languages ​​and foods. On the physicality of the role I was honestly prepared since high school, but in Greece anyway they applauded me at every scene. Thanks to the director, he made me consume five-course lunches with vitamins ».

In «Beckett», name not chosen at random, an ordinary man experiences something extraordinary: «He is not a super hero – explains the director – today he shares a feeling of general distrust of the establishment. I think I am telling real things not by chance in Greece, a country of transit for migrants, thus speaking of the current political confusion ».

In the film, to keep the philosophical thread, there is the actress Vicky Krieps, in the role of a German girl who helps the Greek militants in the streets against capitalism, while in the cast there is also Alicia Vikander, Oscar for «The danish girl», in an unfortunate little role: but she actually took an easier way out by marrying Michael Fassbender.

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