One hundred young players competing in Scampia. At via Mundianapoli

twelve o’clock, June 2, 2021 – 12:50 pm

From tomorrow to 12 June the tournament promoted by the Cannavaro-Ferrara Foundation in collaboration with Arci will restart after the Covid stop. Cannavaro: we encourage the boys

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Mundianapoli returns to football fields. The well-known youth tournament, suspended in 2020 for Covid-19, promoted by the Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation in collaboration with the Arci Uisp Scampia football school, aimed at promoting sport as an educational, training, integration and social redemption resource will take place from 3 to June 12, 2021. An important moment to promote the healthy values ​​of sport and healthy competition between young people from different districts of Naples.

Eight teams competing

Eight teams (Arci Scampia, SSC Napoli, OBP Soccer, Real Poggio, B. Posillipo, Keller, Campanile PC, Boys Arena) with the participation of about 100 young players, will animate the tournament until the final for 1st and 2nd place of 12 June at 6:30 pm. The brothers Ciro and Vincenzo Ferrara, Fabio and Paolo Cannavaro, announce this restart and will support the young athletes with their encouragement.

June 2, 2021 | 12:50


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