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The 5 Star Movement and the Rousseau Association have reached the redde rationem. The ultimatum comes from the association chaired by Davide Casaleggio: either the backlog is paid (a sum of around 450 thousand euros) or the roads will inevitably divide. On the Blog of the stars written clearly under the title time of decisions: Today, as the Rousseau Association we are therefore forced, due to the enormous amount of debts, to define a deadline: April 22, 2021. If the pending relationships will not be defined by this date, we will be forced to imagine a different path for Rousseau, far from those who do not respect the agreements and close, instead, to those who want to create a positive impact on the world. A nice hot potato for Giuseppe Conte who took on the burden of re-founding the M5S.

Failure to comply with the rules

The post summarizes the situation: From January 2020 the Movement, in fact, through some of its spokespersons, has begun not to honor the agreements in relation to the activities provided by the Rousseau association, failing to put in place any functional protection to guarantee compliance with the rules and the commitments undertaken, although it has always represented to us, in the thought of the founders of the Movement, the distinctive trait of the political path they intended to undertake. Today the situation has reached the point of no return and it is necessary to clarify. The stages are summarized, the commitments made and then disregarded and the passage of time without anything moving.

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The deadline

The Rousseau Association is no longer willing to wait: If the pending relations are not defined by this date (April 22), we will be forced to imagine a different path for Rousseau, away from those who do not respect the agreements and close, instead, to those who want create a positive impact on the world. In fact, on April 22, 15 months will have passed since the resignation of the last political leader democratically elected by the members and who, already on that date, urged what is now being relaunched for the umpteenth time: the re-foundation of the 5 Star Movement. Since that day, almost 15 months ago, the process of the Movement has been characterized by continually postponed decisions (such as the vote of the Political Leader provided for by the Statute), by decisions taken and never implemented (such as those of members of the States General), by decisions prevented (such as those of the Arbitrators from sanctioning the defaulting ones), but also by denied decisions (such as the refusal to activate an agreement with Rousseau).

Enough ambiguity and postponements

The conclusion leaves no room for further postponements. After 15 months, the time has come to make final decisions. the time has come to eliminate ambiguities, postponements and lack of choices. For us April 22 will be, however it goes, a new beginning, transparent, decisive and loyal and, above all, together with those who will prove to be such.

April 8, 2021 (change April 8, 2021 | 13:27)

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