the rules in the post office and bank –

From the next February 1st it will be possible to enter without showing the green pass only in places where it is possible buy basic necessities, such as food and health products, while everything else will need a basic vaccination passport, also to buy cigarettes, books and newspapers. But not only. From February 1st, the green pass will also be […]

Napoli: Insigne is back, Spalletti now wants many goals

sport noon, January 20, 2022 – 5:46 pm Today the captain did all the training with his team-mates for the first time With Insigne, Luciano Spalletti finds his Naples in Castel Volturno, without having to sack a large part of the Primavera team and thinking about the rest of the season to win and enjoy. Today the captain did all […]

Baretta illustrates the “Salva-Napoli”, the taxes go up

common noon, January 13, 2022 – 07:57 am The plan in the Budget Committee. Income from boarding fees will increase. Irpef? Maybe from 2023 from Paolo Cuozzo The municipal personal income tax surcharge will increase. It is not known for itself already in 2022 or from next year. But they will increase. And the non-repayable government aid, diluted over twenty […]

“Exciting, I see nothing wrong with it” –

from Claudio Bozza The deputy and chairman of the Ecomafie commission: «I don’t understand this clamor, I have the license to fire and shoot at the shooting range. These controversies are mere rhetoric ». Italy alive: “He resigns” “I don’t see anything wrong with it. I have a gun license. And for me it is an exciting thing ». Stefano […]