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of Arianna Ravelli, sent to Tokyo

Guide to the opening ceremony of the Olympics, with all the things to know: from the parade order of the countries to the times. It starts at 13, Greece begins, Italy (in white) 18th parade. The standard-bearers are Jessica Rossi and Elia Viviani, Egonu carries the flag of the IOC

Maybe only tomorrow when every 13 we will see the first athlete parade for the inaugural ceremony we will realize that the 2021 Olympics – questioned until the last meter and with the sword of Damocles of the infection bulletin on the head – really started. Here’s what we know about one ceremony which, like everything else, will never be seen.

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The opening of the ceremony

According to the latest rumors the first scene will see a single man inside the stadium (in the stands there will be fifteen hundred people including heads of state and IOC members). The artist will appear at first folded in on himself, then he will stand up and stretch out to symbolize the return to life. On the maxi screens it is rumored that scenes of athletes training in their rooms, with rowing machines or treadmills, during the lockdown will be projected: a hint of what the athletes have been through. We had to give up the spectacular, if in Rio we had 1500 people engaged in choreography, here are a few dozen – explains Marco Balich, the father of 14 Olympic ceremonies and who here in Tokyo in the role of supervisor of the executive producer -, but we are back to the essentials: at the center of it all are the athletes, with their sacrifices and their efforts to get here.

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The parade order of the ceremony

The first nation to traditionally parade there Greece – here dwell the gods of Olympus – followed by refugee team (among the coaches, there is also our Niccol Campriani, Olympian in shooting, now a rising star within the IOC). Italy this time parades 18esima: we follow the Japanese alphabet so we come after Israel, but before Iraq and Iran. Between states that do not love each other. Tradition has it that Japan, the host country, closes the show, the news this year is that France (where the next Games will be held in 2024) will be penultimate and the United States (home to the 2028 Olympics with Los Angeles) third last. This pattern will also be reproduced at the next Winter Olympics in 2022 (where Italy is therefore the penultimate parade for Milan-Cortina in 2026).

The flag bearers of Italy: 2 + 1

The blue flag bearers for the first time are two: Jessica Rossi, the skeet shooting champion, e Elia Viviani (cycling) because Italy, like other countries, has chosen to have a man and a woman as representatives. But that’s not all: Paola Egonu, the star of the women’s volleyball team, was chosen by the IOC, together with five other athletes, as the standard-bearer of the Olympic banner, following the recommendation of the Coni.

The uniform of Italy will be white

Also new in the uniform of Italy: the athletes will wear a white uniform signed Armani. The complete – reads the Coni press release – was made in white color, in homage to the host country and as a sign of the purity of sport. The graphics represent the perfect union between the national tricolor and the Japanese Rising Sun, symbols of two distant worlds united by the same values. Inside the jacket shows the intro of the national anthem.

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Covid rules

If the show is more sober and less festive than usual, Covid regulations dictate that the parade of athletes will be slower and last longer than usual: the various delegations must in fact keep their distance and obviously the athletes will wear the mask. There will be a contingent number of companions.

Leaders and heads of state: for Italy Vezzali

Here sar theemperor Naruhito (grandfather Hirohito inaugurated the 1964 Games), but not his wife, the sad empress. I will not pronounce the word celebrations so as not to hurt the sensitivity of those who have suffered from Covid. Representing Italy, the Undersecretary for Sport, and former winner of everything in fencing, Valentina Vezzali. France will send Macron, for the US first lady Jill Biden.

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