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Reforms to be done immediately

The reforms must start before the stop at Quota 100 scheduled for the end of the year. The pressure of the unions focuses on a new flexibility in leaving from the age of 62 or, alternatively, with 41 years of contributions regardless of age. CGIL, CISL and UIL, while insisting on the start of a confrontation with the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Andrea Orlando, launch the initiative Change pensions now, scheduled for May 4 with the general secretaries Maurizio Landini, Luigi Sbarra and Pierpaolo Bombardieri.
The demands of the unions in some points coincide with the idea of ​​reform already expressed by the president of INPS, Pasquale Tridico. Even if everything is far from the unrealistic retirement expectations that seem to populate the dreams of Italians: a research by Moneyfarm and Progetica in fact reveals that 76% of the sample would like to be able to stop working before retirement age and the twenties would like to have check already at 55 years old. The hope of giving up work while still young seems to have strengthened in this pandemic year (if even America records an early retirement flight among those who can afford it). In Italy, despite the very high risk of this happening, 70 years as the probable age for retirement are indicated by a very small number of people in the research of Moneyfarm and Progetica.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, has given the government the willingness to reopen, as requested by the unions, the reform site within the month.
Let’s see in more detail what the demands of the trade unions are.

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