physical decline, little play and lack of courage-

They are called miracles because they rarely happen and Roma have already experienced one with the “remuntada” against Barcelona (1-4 in the first leg and 3-0 in the second leg) in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. It was 10 April 2018 and Messi was destroyed by the Olimpico. It seems like a century ago.

1) Athletic condition: Roma had closed the first half ahead and collapsed in the second, 5-0 for the English. The difference in physical strength and dynamism was embarrassing and reminded of Lazio’s defeat against Bayern: always second on the ball, at the mercy of the opponent. Veretout who goes out on the first shot is not bad luck, it is bad management of the recovery of the injured. Against Leeds, four days earlier, Solskjaer sent 8 out of 10 starters onto the field who then replayed against Roma.

2) Courage: Solskjaer has deployed all the artillery to attack Rome, bringing Rashford and Cavani together. Fonseca left his opponent almost double the number of balls played and 20 shots against 5 in order not to give up the three-man defense. Also considering the injuries, in the second half he could go to 4-1-4-1, with Cristante in front of the defense, but he preferred not to change. Yet he had arrived in Italy with the idea of ​​dominating the games through ball possession. A little more courage would also have served Conte’s Inter to make way for Europe, but Eriksen for example played 5 ‘against Real Madrid and 6’ in the last and decisive match against Shakhtar Donetsk.

3) Mentality: Fonseca has been sipping his players for weeks, giving up the championship to prepare only two games of the Cup. But losing trains us to lose and now the Giallorossi are almost out of the Europa League and in seventh place in Serie A. It seems impossible for our teams to accept the idea of ​​playing for multiple goals. This is how hypertrophic squads are born, often with players of advanced age, which heavily affect the wage bill. In this sense, Napoli could certainly do more in the Europa League, a tournament within their reach. But it is (almost) always thought that going forward takes away energy to the fight for a Champions League position. Teams no longer play to win but to place themselves. Once trophies were celebrated, now Uefa bonuses.

4) Associative game: United has grinded actions, Roma has sought above all individuals. It is an old problem of Italian football. Juventus, the biggest disappointment, thought of Cristiano Ronaldo and not a truly European game to win the Champions League. As Arrigo Sacchi says: abroad if a team does not score the attack patterns are changed, in Italy a new center forward is bought.

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