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The premise: the vaccination campaign is accelerating in all regions. The objectives set by the commissioner structure led by General Figliuolo now allow a first qualitative analysis on the distance (or not) from the targets set by the government on the number of daily inoculations which must quickly rise to 500 thousand by the end of April. Some regions are still lagging behind. First of all Sicily far from the 25 thousand daily injections scheduled in the week between 16 and 22 April (19,213 on 20 April, 18,478 on 19 April, with a peak of 28,747 on 16 April which denotes a capacity of administration not yet fully operational). In the last two days, Abruzzo is also behind by about 7% compared to the forecast of 7,050 bites per day. And also Calabria far from the 9,600 scheduled inoculations compared to the approximately 7,600 it carries out. Tuscany is also slightly below, especially between 18 and 20 April when the target of 20 thousand is never reached.

The others are in line with the objectives, with some fluctuations negligible, which derives from the time lag in updating the data in parallel with the opening of new vaccination hubs that expand the network of vaccinators and therefore increase the capacity of administration. Beyond the objectives in recent days – but it is necessary that they do not deviate too much because they risk eroding the reserve necessary for the recalls (now set between 7 and 10% of the doses delivered) – Campania, which has been traveling over 30 thousand for several days and Lombardy, which is making up for the time lost in the first phase and between 19 and 20 April has exceeded 60 thousand bites with an expected target of 51 thousand. Lazio remains an excellence, which has opened to reservations for under 60s – arousing some discontent in the commissioner structure due to the constraint of priority coverage of the most at-risk population groups – which by Monday intends to reach 40 thousand punctures.

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The single-dose vials of J&J fueled the campaign yesterday, the 181 thousand distributed pro-quota to the regions by the national hub of Pratica di Mare after the green light (with prescriptions) of the Aifa. And above all, 1.5 million Pfizer doses destined directly to the vaccination centers of the regions through its logistics network. For the massive campaign, which will start in May and will progressively immunize even the under 60s, it will be essential to expand the vaccine distribution network to pharmacies. They should mainly use Janssen serum which does not require the recall and therefore does not complicate the management of bookings on the platforms managed by the Post Office in six regions. Federfarma, the association representing pharmacy owners, notes that several thousand pharmacists are attending the qualifying courses of the Istituto Superiore di Sanit. We could leave within 15 days.

The bottleneck of the chain remains the deliveries of pharmaceutical companies. Sources attributable to different Regions complain of having to slow down in the administration in order not to exceed the targets because some batches of AstraZeneca, expected by the end of April, are not considered so discounted. So you have to go fast, but not too fast. Hurriedly covering all the over 60s, eliminating even the jumpers, classified under the item other: 307 thousand Italians already vaccinated at least in the first dose without knowing why.

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