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About ten years ago, in his bedroom at Blondy, suburb on the outskirts of Paris, when he was still a child and perhaps one day dreamed of being a footballer, little Kylian he raised his eyes and saw Cristiano Ronaldo. It wasn’t a dream, but a poster. Indeed, four or five: practically the wall of the room was covered with photographs of his idol, in all poses. Every evening, says dad Mbapp, his boyfriend would sit in front of the PC to study the Portuguese champion’s games, trying to learn his secrets. The first field meeting took place a year and a half ago in a Portugal-France 0-0, a night full of emotions and beautiful words that ended with a hug: You are my idol Kylian told him. But that was the Nations League, not a direct clash with the second round of a European at stake: this is why tonight, in an electrified and incandescent Budapest, romance and pleasantries will immediately leave room for duel with no holds barred.

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The round of death was confirmed as such: after two days all open and the clashes of this last day will be decisive. France 4, Germany and Portugal 3, Hungary 1: all are still in the running for a place in the second round, including the hosts led by our Marco Rossi. THE Blues they are the best placed: already qualified, they can also afford to lose. But throwing out the Portuguese champions is an interesting prospect that can come in handy. No calculations, we play only to win ensures the French ct Deschamps. We will have to be good at choosing the right moments to defend and attack harangue his colleague Santos.

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Record striker

The 61 thousand of the Puskas Arena will be able to attend a real parade of stars, which also the revenge of the 2016 final, surprisingly won by the Portuguese 1-0 in Paris. For all to see, of course, they will be on Mbapp, Ronaldo and their unmissable generational duel, which also has fundamental market implications: with the French expiring in 2022 and much courted by Real Madrid, his place in Psg could be taken from the Portuguese, no longer convinced to stay at Juventus. One more detail that feeds the scenario of the imminent handover between two champions from different eras.
Thinking back to that poster in the bedroom, Kylian wants to prove to his idol that he is ready to take over the inheritance: it will happen, because time is on his side. But Cristiano has an infinite pride, without which he would not be where. And he has no intention of abdicating. Not now, not tonight, boy.

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