Puglia, a school for learning to do politics: the regional Council gives the green light to the foundation

twelve o’clock, June 22, 2021 – 3:39 pm

The Apulian Assembly also approves a law to avoid the reckless abandonment of plant residues for the production of renewable energy. Green light also to a proposal to Parliament: to reward companies that oppose crime

of Cinzia Semerano

A kind of school for politics. In Puglia a foundation will be born to train the local administrators of the future. The new law approved by the Regional Council provides for this. Signed by the directors Giuseppe Tupputi, Alessandro Leoci and Gianfranco Lopane, Alessandro Delli Noci (Con Emiliano group) and by the president Loredana Capone, the legislation aims to improve the administrative quality of the municipalities and strengthen coordination between institutional bodies. The foundation will have as its purpose the political and institutional training of young regional councilors and local administrators, between 18 and 40 years of age. The Regional Council will be a founding member and representative associations of local authorities and other subjects identified by the statute will be able to participate.


With 26 votes in favor and the abstention of the opposition, the bill was also passed which modifies some provisions on the production of energy from renewable sources. The single article, which makes up the approved text, makes it possible to update the amounts of bank guarantees required from subjects authorized to produce energy from renewable sources, to guarantee the restoration of the places and the elimination of materials, once the plants have been decommissioned. . The goal is to avoid having in Puglia wind turbines and photovoltaic panels abandoned in the regional territory once decommissioned. For this reason, the amounts of the sureties necessary to obtain the authorizations have been doubled.

A proposal to Parliament

Rewarding companies that oppose extortion attempts to trigger a virtuous legalitarian circuit to help economic operators to bring out criminal pressures: the objective of the bill, addressed to Parliament pursuant to Article 121 of the Constitution, approved at unanimity from the Regional Council. The proposal provides for the introduction of a list in each prefecture to recognize bonuses in favor of companies that have the courage to oppose organized crime and to denounce the attempts of mafia infiltration into entrepreneurial activity. We want to trigger a virtuous circle for the purpose of preventing criminal infiltration, allowing economic operators to bring out serious criminal facts and intervening to protect business freedom, with incentives for complainant companies.

X-rays at home

Radiological examinations at home, performed by specialist doctors with approved devices, will be possible thanks to the approval, with 31 votes in favor of those present, of the bill (signatories Tutolo, Tupputi, Leoci). In this way, changes and additions are made to the law on the accreditation of healthcare facilities. The new law will allow reading radiological examinations, at the request of patients, directly at the home of the person concerned.

The center right abandons

The center-right opposition has left the Chamber to protest the absence of a large part of the Emilian junta, including the governor himself. The works continued only with the presence of the majority regional councilors. As in the wake of the last legislature – explain the opposition councilors – we had to raise the barricades, abandoning the benches of the Council and thus obtaining the presence of President Emiliano: his continuous absence is an offense that the center-right no longer intends to tolerate. We expect the president of the assembly, Loredana Capone, to restore the authority, credibility and centrality of the Council, putting an end to today’s bad show.

June 22, 2021 | 15:39


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