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Abolish the state exam s but only for health professions. The reform under discussion under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRR) currently only concerns doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, dentists and psychologists, and the state exams therefore remain unchanged for lawyers, notaries, accountants and engineers . The bill, which basically proposes to make the graduation exam coincide with the state exam, in fact began its process in the Commission in the Chamber last April 12 and should arrive for discussion in May. In fact, the deadline for presenting amendments is set for 4 May.

That the reform will remain confined to the health sector, as confirmed by the words of Francesco Paolo Sisto, Undersecretary of Justice: I specify that the hypothesis of degrees alone suitable for obtaining professional qualifications does not apply neither to lawyers nor to other professional categories such as accountants, engineers and notaries. In fact, these are professional paths which, by specificity, are excluded from such possible hypotheses.

The ratio

It is worth remembering that the former Minister of the University Gaetano Manfredi at the time of the proposal of the Bill had said: All degrees should be enabling: our conception linked to another era. Each professional Order has its own sensitivity, you have to work on it but there is space. The degree enables a great modernization of approach to the professions and a role for the Orders in training: their internship becomes curricular. The work for achievement must certainly be done together.

The reform should be completed, however, by 2021. The conclusion of the bill on qualifying degrees – explained the minister of the University and Research Cristina Messa in recent days – will take place within the year due to the commitment of the government, I trust that there will be ample convergence of political forces. With the entry into force of the new rules, it is expected that the necessary practical-evaluation internship will be carried out within the degree courses and that, consequently, the final exam of the course of study also becomes the place in which to carry out the ‘State examination for qualification to practice the profession.

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