Raspadori has it all; Buffon in shape, Chiesa is back, Ronaldo has charge- Corriere.it

It comes out fired from the blocks: in fact it gives its best in the offensive phase.

He is not afraid of 1 against 1, but Ronaldo makes him dry at 2-0.

5 Ferrari
Superficial in the action of doubling and not only in that.

6 Kyriakopoulos
Nice duel with Chiesa, he creates the best opportunity for the 2-2.

5,5 Obiang
Decisive in the action of the penalty, he is also among the few to hit the goal. On the 1-0, however, he makes Rabiot sit down.

With the posture of the fencer, he alternates foil and sword effectively. And with increasingly evident maturity as a leader.

He starts well, but the rigor – not angled as it should be – makes him lose serenity.

5 Traore
Between the lines he may be the extra man, but he is too wrong.

Surprise the opponent with the first check, then lose.

7 Breakers
Technique, movement, vision: a complete match, summarized by the heel for Locatelli and the triangle closed with the goal.

It does not enter at the right pace. And he is wrong on 3-1,

5 Defrel
Up front you need more incisiveness.

5 Chiriches
In trouble on the right.

5,5De Zerbi
Three goals conceded on the counterattack, and a long series of errors in attack, ruin a better playing facility than Juve. This increases the regrets.

Raspadori often slips on the right, he limits the damage.

6,5De Ligt
Quick to defuse Berardi, it takes away his confidence.

He spreads Raspadori in the area and never stops skidding.

6,5Alex sandro
The 2-1 save, ahead of Berardi in front of goal, is worth the evening.

In the second half, the player who was the best until a month ago is seen again: daring descents, without goals.

Caught in the middle of organized traffic, he seems to understand little.

A goal, finally with a shot from the edge, a ball that Ronaldo transforms into 2-0, a touch even in the 3-0 counterattack. Signs, perhaps belated, of redemption.

On the left, in the center, or as a man assist for Dybala: not always effective, but it takes great application. And also clarity.

6,5 Dybala
He reaches 100 goals with Juve with the excavation that closes the game: he is getting into shape, better late than never.

The first to cross the 100 goal line and the only one in Juventus history to do so in three seasons is he: he also has the charge for 101, but hits the post.

More into the game than Arthur.

6,5 Pirlo
Juve restarts from Buffon and Ronaldo, with Chiesa and Dybala growing: the sprint for the Champions League is still open. And that’s already something.

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